Performing Arts

Among the other attributes FIS inspires young individuals to develop is their creativity.

Thriving string orchestra, choir and band programs are at the center of the school’s musical life, and various levels in each program ensure that students are able to learn at a level appropriate for their development.

Drama and dance productions are a long-standing tradition at FIS, too. Upper School students have a number of performance options each year in the form of a musical, comedy, Greek tragedy or one-act play.

More details about the Performing Arts as part of students' class schedules can be found below, or by grade within our Courses and Descriptions section.


In Grade 6, students can participate in the Junior Concert Band and in Grades 7-8, the Intermediate Concert Band. For students in Grades 9-12 the school offers a Senior Concert Band. In addition to the main bands, ensembles and solo opportunities are also offered at concerts. In recent years FIS students have achieved great musical success in the International Honor Band programs, traveling to cities such as Poland, England, Paris, Berlin, The Hague, Vienna, Florence and Luxembourg to participate.

Jazz Band
In addition to the school's main bands, FIS has a Jazz Band and Jazz Lite group, which meet after school. Ensemble and solo opportunities are also available.

FIS Honor Band
FIS offers both a Grade 7-8 Middle School and Grade 9-12 High School Honor Band. Students must audition for the bands at the beginning of the school year. Honor Band students are rewarded for their hard work in practicing as many of their concerts are held in great cities of the world.

Private Instruction
Private lessons may be offered after school in the six purpose-built music practice rooms in the Art, Science and Technology building.

For more information about bands in the FIS Upper School, please contact Jan Dettlaff.


here are many singing opportunities for students at FIS. Upper School Choir opportunities include:

  • Grade 6 Choir Class
  • Grade 7 Choir Class
  • Grade 8 Choir Class
  • Grade 9-12 Concert Choir
  • FIS Singers, Grade 9-12 auditioned after-school vocal ensemble

In addition to the choir classes and auditioned after-school choirs, ensemble and solo opportunities are also available for singers at various concerts. FIS students not only have the opportunity to show their singing talents at school events, but they also achieve great success in the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) Honor Choir programs.

Auditions take place each year for participation in the International High School Honor Choir, International Boys’ Choir Festival and the International Girls’ Choir Festival.

For more information about choirs in the FIS Upper School, please contact Debra Damron.

Drama and Dance

FIS offers a number of opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular drama and dance activities outside of the regular curriculum.

Drama and Dance
A number of extra-curricular performances and productions are staged each year, including musicals, dramas, evenings of dance, one-act plays and more. Most of these opportunities are open to students in Grades 6-12.

Past productions have included Oliver!, The Odyssey, Arabian Nights, Pirates of Penzance, and less-familiar, or experimental plays. Rehearsals for all productions are after school in the auditorium and in the drama/dance studios.

As part of the IB Theatre coursework, senior students are given the opportunity to direct a one-act theatre piece, using student actors. Students are also given the opportunity to try out for drama festivals run by the International Schools’ Theatre Association (ISTA).

Dance at FIS is taught within the curriculum from Grades 8-12. As part of the Drama program, all Grade 8 students are exposed to dance elements, which include choreographic activities, basic techniques and shared performances. In Grade 9, Dance is offered as an elective subject. The course is a comprehensive one and includes guest tutors and performances alongside regular dance. A Dance option is also offered to Grade 10-12 students as an extension to the Grade 9 program.

FIS also provides students with extra-curricular dance opportunities. Weekly after-school classes – and some weekend rehearsals – lead to one or two large dance events each year.


At FIS each student has an opportunity to participate in an orchestra.

FIS Chamber Orchestra
The FIS Chamber Orchestra is the Upper School's string orchestra. All Grade 6-12 students are welcome to take part, regardless of their experience. In the fall students generally begin preparing a program of classical and baroque selections for the December choir and orchestra concert, while the spring is devoted mostly to lighter selections.

FIS Honor Strings
For advanced strings players, the Upper School offers FIS Honor Strings. This select group of students perform original chamber orchestra works at FIS and in the community, and also comprise the Bach Orchestra for the December concert.

International Schools Honor Orchestra Festival
Every October FIS string students are invited to audition for the International Schools Honor Orchestra Festival, which takes place in various cities throughout Europe and Asia.

For more information about strings at FIS, please contact Julie Borsodi.

For more information or for specific performance dates during the school year, please visit the Web Calendar.
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