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Primary School: First Steps - Grade 1

Caroline Joslin-Callahan

Welcome to FIS Primary School! The primary years are the foundation upon which all future schooling builds. If children, who are beginning school, experience learning as joyful, relevant and valuable, they will develop a positive attitude towards education. In the Primary School our dedicated and experienced teachers use the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP) curriculum to plan learning. This program emphasizes the development of the whole child-the intellectual as well as the social, emotional and physical aspects of learning-within our unique international context.

The goal of our curriculum, as described in the mission of "…developing intellect, creativity and character to become independent, adaptable, socially responsible and internationally minded citizens” is as valid in the Primary School as it is with our older students. As children leave the familiar relationships of home and begin to experience a wider range of interactions, their character is being shaped. Our teachers are particularly skilled at helping children to become independent, to adapt, to become resilient in the face of change, and to develop compassion and tolerance for those whose perspectives and experiences may be different than their own.

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As part of our international and often mobile community, our children have unique needs. Many will be new to English, most are living in a country away from extended family, and all have to learn to welcome new friends and say good-bye often. School plays an important stabilizing role for our families. Teachers and children build community within their classrooms, and it becomes a secure place where the children can learn to become part of a group while developing a positive self-identity. Our program is designed to allow children to explore who they are while learning about the world and others around them.

Here at the Primary School, we recognize that every child is different and brings a unique combination of experiences, attitudes and aptitudes to school. The combination of careful assessment of the individual – along with teacher knowledge of appropriate practice – allows us to educate young children extraordinarily well. As parents are the people who know their children best, we value our partnership with parents in determining ways to support each child.

Our Primary School students are encouraged to build on the curiosity and inquisitiveness that characterizes young children. Our inquiry-based curriculum helps children to channel their questions into productive ways of finding out. Whether through observing a bee gathering pollen from a flower, sharing a book with a friend, or discovering a new way of striking an instrument or ball, children begin to see learning as something that happens all the time and in different ways.

Our Primary School is a wonderful place for children. Children’s safety, well-being and learning are the focal points around which we make decisions. We have developed a rich, responsive curriculum to engage children and a unique facility for learning to take place. Most importantly we have created a nurturing, caring community to welcome your children.

Download our Primary School Handbook here.

Caroline Joslin-Callahan
Primary School Principal

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