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Student Organizations

From Elementary School through Grade 12, FIS provides opportunities for students to connect outside of class in student organizations that serve as outlets for further learning – and the sharing of talents.

Elementary School Organizations

Elementary School Organizations

Oberursel Campus Earth Rescue
Dr. Sabine Koopman, Advisers

Earth Rescue is a student group in the FIS Elementary School that meets at recess to learn about the beauty of our world and plan actions to help protect the living things on our planet.

Students in Earth Rescue actively work to promote environmental awareness through forest walks, energy conservation days, fundraisers and a special booth during the school's fall Applefest. During the 2013 Applefest, Earth Rescue volunteers raised more than €700 to benefit rhinos and the Frankfurt Zoological Society. Other animals that have benefited from the group's long-standing fundraisers include: tigers, polar bears, wolves, pandas, orangutans and snow leopards.

Earth Rescue also cooperates with homerooms, parents and the administration to promote environmental awareness throughout the school. To see the group's "Earth Pledge," click here.

Some of the group's recent achievements include:

  • Participating in the Earth Summit with Cowichan First Nation people and Wilderness International
  • Fundraising to help save snow leopards in Kyrgyzstan through the non-profit NABU project
  • Feeding the birds in our surrounding forest over the winter
  • Establishing a battery recycling bin in the Elementary School and creating bookmarks to raise awareness.

For a look at a few of Earth Rescue's student-written poems, click here.

Wiesbaden Campus Student Forum
Mrs. Angela Jochum and Mrs. Andrea Mosteller, Advisers

The Wiesbaden Student Forum is a democratically-elected group of students who represent their peers, enabling them to become partners in their own education, making a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos. We believe that if every child can have their voice heard, understood and responded to, they will become more active participants in our school community and the wider communities beyond our school gates. The Wiesbaden Campus Student Forum was developed with the deliberate intention of facilitating these beliefs.

Wiesbaden Campus Student Forum aligns itself with and actively supports our school's strategy for environmental stewardship. Through various action projects we develop our awareness of ecological issues and seek to make a positive contribution to our beautiful natural surroundings in Naurod.

Most recently, student participation has enabled us to achieve European Eco School status, through the Eco Schools Program.

Upper School Organizations

Upper School Organizations

The following groups are available to FIS Upper School students.

Amnesty International
Student-run and supported by Mr. Pete Sinclair
Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

Boy Scouts – Troop 43 FIS
Mr. Bryce Williams, Scoutmaster, and Ms. Martha Boston-Majetic and Ms. Karen Bluff, Chairpeople
The Boy Scouts offers FIS boys an opportunity to learn new skills, meet challenges, work as teams and experience leadership roles. The Boy Scouts experience helps build members' first aid, camping, hiking, safety and wellness skills, enabling them to earn a diverse set of merit badges and ultimately, an Eagle Scout Rank – of which Troop 43 has a rich heritage. Major activities include: The Klondike Derby, camping, Merit Badge days in nearby German cities and more. Troop 43 is part of the Trans Atlantic Council of the Boy Scouts of America. For more details, click here.

Conference Planning and Leadership Initiatives
Mr. Pete Sinclair, Adviser
This is a group of interested young leaders who helps within the school to prepare conferences. They assist teachers who are running conferences and also meet to discuss the special needs of student conferences.

CORAL Reef Awareness and Protection
Student-run and supported by Mr. Pete Sinclair
CORAL is dedicated raising awareness and, where possible, raising funds to aid in protecting the health of coral reefs by integrating ecosystem management, sustainable tourism, and community partnerships. Students who become involved in this project will also be encouraged to participate in a SCUBA program and offered an opportunity to go on a dive trip.

Frankfurt International School Herald (FISH)
Ms. Beate Zimpel and Upper School English Teacher, Advisers
The Frankfurt International School Herald is the Upper School's newspaper, created by Grade 6-12 students. Visit the Student Publications page to see more from the FISH.

French Club
Mme. Cita Lotz, Advisor
The French Club promotes the francophone language and culture through a variety of events throughout the year. The French Club meets one a cycle at lunchtime and activities include discussions, films, songs, games, food tasting and cultural celebrations. Members of the French Club can also participate in cultural events in the Frankfurt area such as plays, French concerts, dining in a French restaurant and help at the French Club stand at Applefest. The French Club further offers the opportunity of taking a one-day trip to the Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France; this is open to all interested members of the community. The big highlight of the year is the French Club five-day trip to a French-speaking country which is open to French Club members only in Grades 7-11. The French Club is open to all students who learn French, and are interested in speaking the French language and learning more about francophone cultures.

Global Issues Network
Mr. Pete Sinclair, Adviser
The Global Issues Network's mission is to help students realize they can make a difference by empowering them to work internationally with their peers to develop solutions for global issues.

Leaders In Training
Mr. Pete Sinclair, Adviser
It is important to grow as leaders and try new events that challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and into the trust building zone. Participants of Leaders in Training focus on goals and dreams and remember to look at where they are – and how far they have come.

Model United Nations
Ms. Celia Nater, Adviser
The MUN club engages in an authentic simulation of the United Nations system by learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events.

Peer Educators (Grades 10-12)
Ms. Zina Sawabini and Ms. Jessica Angelidis, Advisers
Peer Educators is a group of students who inform the student body on a variety of social and health-related issues. Peer Eds have put on assemblies to address topics like “Respect,” and have held homeroom discussions surrounding substance abuse, healthy eating, smoking and bullying. Besides connecting with other students on important issues throughout the school year, Peer Educators get the chance to hone their public speaking and presentation skills.

Saalburg and Limes Project
Dr. Henrik Langelueddecke, Adviser
Since 1999, volunteers from FIS have worked with archeologists from the Vortaunus Museum (Oberursel) and the Saalburg Museum (Bad Homburg) to save the Celtic and Roman ruins. In 2010, FIS was awarded the Patenschaft over the Roman frontier sites (Limes). Students participating in the Limes Project look after the remaining watch towers and forts during regular trips to the Feldberg region reporting damage, clearing undergrowth, signposting the locations and preparing information signs. Besides learning about ancient history and enjoying the physical activity, students earn Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) hours, an FIS requirement.

Senior Students Forum (Grades 9-12)
Student-run and supported by Mr. Pete Sinclair
The Senior Student Forum is an open forum for Grade 9-12 students that provides a link to the faculty at FIS. The aim is to represent the students’ interests and concerns, striving to bring about positive change in the school environment.

Spanish Club (Grades 8-10)
Ms. Anita Sandoval and Ms. Julia Tomas Mora, Advisers
The Spanish Club offers a variety of activities that allow students to learn more about the Spanish language and its culture. Activities include viewing Spanish movies, working in the Spanish Club booth at Applefest, dancing, cooking, dining at Spanish restaurants, and participating in the annual trip to Spain.

Student Ambassadors (Grades 6-8)
Ms. Charlene Aspinwall, Adviser
Student Ambassadors help create a welcoming atmosphere for new students, assist Grade 5 students in their transition to the Upper School and recognize and celebrate student birthdays. Ambassadors also bid farewell to leaving students.

Student Athletic Council
Mr. William Moncrief (Grades 9-12) and Mr. Todd Kearns (Grades 6-8), Advisers
This student-run organization works with the Athletic Department and Athletic Booster Club to promote sports and support athletes. Participation includes planning pep assemblies, wearing the "Frankie the Warrior Bear" mascot outfit, organizing dodgeball tournaments and more. The Council meets weekly and all students are welcome.

Student Council (Grades 6-8)
Upper School Teacher, Adviser
The 6-8 Student Council meets on a regular basis to discuss issues important to students and organize and facilitate various activities like School Spirit Days. The 6-8 Student Council also sponsors three student dances per year, and supports the 6-8 Charity: The Afghanistan Action Project, which provides funding for schools in Afghanistan. Students who are members of the 6-8 Student Council receive CAS credit for their service to Grade 6-8 community.

“The Well” Literary Magazine (Grades 9-12)
Mr. Richard Winn and Ms. Aodhnait Donnelly, Advisers
The Well, a magazine of creativity, showcases the original writing and art of the FIS community. The staff is made up of Grade 9-12 students who learn a myriad of publishing skills necessary to produce professional publications – both in print, and online – and who collect material from students, staff, parents, and alumni to create the magazine, which is published at the end of each school year.

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