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As spring nears, Grade 4 Students at FISW get ready to ride
Posted 01/03/2013 17:12

During a week's worth of lessons at a bike safety course in Delkenheim, FISW's Grade 4 Students honed their bicycle riding skills while learning traffic rules, hand signals and the general rules of the road.

Each day started with an in-class lesson where students learned the theoretical elements of bike safety. From there they headed outside, strapped on helmets and using bikes provided by the organization, rode through a closed course applying their newfound knowledge.

In all, 16 students with varied riding skills participated. "One of our students didn't know how to ride a bike before starting the course," said Grade 4 teacher Ms. Mosteller. "But by the end of the week he was riding along with the rest of the kids. All of them dramatically improved their cycling skills." 

While the course provided each of the students some important new skills, it also served to connect two of their recent Units of Inquiry with the real world. By examining their own cycling abilities and then focusing on ways to improve them, they touched upon elements from their unit, "Who We Are." In seeing how roads and bike paths are created, and learning about various road signs and their importance, students were able to make connections with their unit, "How We Organize Ourselves." 

At the end of the course, instructors awarded participants with a certificate of completion. The pass rate? 100%!  


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