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Warrior Wrap Up: 1 and 2 March
Posted 07/03/2013 11:26

In a final push before end-of-season tournaments, Warrior athletes fanned out across Europe to compete on the court and the field.

For a complete recap of weekend games, read the Warrior Wrap Up below.


Varsity Girls – Playing in their last weekend of games before ISST's, the girls varsity had three tough games in London. They were very happy to finally have an almost complete team as some girls returned from injuries. On Friday evening, the team came out pretty flat in their first game in three weeks due to ski break. They missed some easy shots and made some bad passes. ASL had more energy and out-rebounded the Warriors by a large margin leading to their easy win. The Warriors were led in scoring by Lena with 9 points. Sarah added 8 points and Sophie and Brooke each scored 4 points.

On Saturday morning, the Warriors came out ready to avenge their Friday night loss and played one of their best and most complete games of the season. The defense was intense and they improved their rebounding quite a bit from the night before. Maike led the Warriors in scoring with 20 points and 10 steals. Lena and Brooke had 7 points each in the strong team effort. In their second match on Saturday, the Warriors played a tough game against a much taller TASIS team. FIS started out strong, but then lost steam and ended up once again getting out-rebounded by a large margin. Maike led the Warriors in scoring with 11 points. Brooke added 8 and Lena had 4 points in the losing effort.

The Warriors will head off to ISST's in The Hague where they will have a full team of 10 players. They are very excited to do their best and to have a great tournament. Go Warriors!
FIS 31 ASL 41; FIS 44 ASL 32; FIS 30 TASIS 51 

Varsity Boys – No report available.

JV Girls – The JV Girls had a victorious weekend in Brussles. Competition was tough, but they managed a record of 4-1, enough to bring home the 2nd-Place trophy.
FIS 26 STJ 9; FIS 24 ISL 14; FIS 10 BIS 13; FIS 18 ISP 17; FIS 24 ASP 14 

JV Boys – The JV Boy's basketball team traveled to Paris over the weekend and came home with a 5-0 record. The excitement was intense from the first game against St Johns. Trailing in the 4th quarter, Joey scored an astonishing 12 points as he led his team to their first victory, beating St. John's by one point.

The second game against ISL was a test of the wills. ISL played a fast physical game, but the Warriors showed character and strength, and each player in the game had rebounds, assists and steals. FIS team captains contributed to the scoring – Joey had 14 points and Patrick had 8. Karl-Emil showed strong defensive skills with his quickness, adding to his stats 2 assists and 2 rebounds to accompany his 2 points.

Saturday morning's game was close through the third quarter when the Warriors took the lead and never gave it up. Mark had 18 points, 3 rebounds and 1 block; Omar played his best in the tournament with 10 points, 5 rebounds and 1 steal; Alex was strong under the basket with 4 rebounds in the first half; and after resting in the 1st quarter, John ran the point and led the team to victory with 12 points and 7 assists.

In the final match against ASP, the Warriors did a superb job of controlling the pace of the game and passing the ball. Teamwork, determination and the belief they could win the game produced an epic victory against this extremely athletic opponent. FIS fans were cheering the Warriors on with "Defense, Defense!" Scoring was distributed throughout the team – John had three 3's and 13 points; Rick had his highest scoring for the weekend with 7 points; and Joey shot 75% from the line, had 3 assists and 2 boards.

The Warriors won the tournament as a team and everyone who is part of the squad should feel proud. Coach Fitzpatrick told the boys at half-time during the final game, "You guys can win this game!"  and that they did
FIS 30 STJ 29; FIS 37 ISL 28; FIS 29 ISB 22; FIS 45 ISP 36; FIS 37 ASP 33 

MS Girls A Team – The Lady Warrior’s A Team pulled off double victories against the American School of Paris over the weekend with a score of 29-16 on Friday and 33-29 on Saturday. The games were a great confidence booster as the team gears up for their tournament in Vienna on 8-9 March. Squaring up to the basket, boxing out, meeting the passes, and remaining calm under pressure are all aspects the girls need to achieve to be successful in the tournament. Congrats to the A team for all of their hard work this season, and SCIS here we come!
FIS 29 ASP 16; FIS 33 ASP 29

MS Boys A Team – The Middle School Boys A Team played two games against American School of Paris. On Friday night the boys showed great improvement both in individual efforts and playing as a team. Ultimately, however, FIS turned the ball over too many times and lost the game 46-50. Noah led the Warriors' scoring with 18 points and 9 rebounds. 

During Saturday's game, FIS showed improvement in key areas. They played fast, had great passes and protected the ball. Two late baskets by Paris defeated the warriors 40-44, but the boys look ready to play at the top of their game during the upcoming tournament.
FIS 46 ASP 50; FIS 40 ASP 44

MS Girls B – The Middle School Girls B team had a terrific weekend at home and their final games of the season could not have been better. The girls played well together, showing how much they improved during the season in their ability to pass the ball, look down court to find open players, shoot, play defense, communicate and generally understand the game of basketball. The Warriors won both games by a large margin, which meant the games were not very competitive, but the girls played hard, worked together and had fun.

Coach Wedin said, "The girls really have had a great season and as their coach I could not be more proud of them. The girls on the bench were watching the game closely and were being "mini referees", which makes me think they have learned so much about the game. During play, some of the girls were aware that they had traveled or double-dribbled even though the referee did not call it. When I think back to the start of the season, some of these girls had never played basketball before, but each and every one has helped our team be successful this season."

Toward the end of their game on Saturday, the team knew they had one player who hadn't yet scored. Each of the girls looked to pass her the ball even when they had a wide open shot. It was a testament to the close bond the team developed over the season. As coach Wedin reiterated, "I am so proud of them and their successful season!"
FIS 42 BIS 4; FIS 48 BIS 2 

Middle School Boys B – No report available.


Varsity – The Frankfurt Warriors Rugby team traveled to Brussels, Belgium over the weekend to face the ISB Raiders in their last game before the ISST tournament. During the first game ISB opened up the first half strongly, but was met by the Warriors in the second half, leaving the score at 3 - 2 tries for ISB. On the second day both teams came back to the field injured and sore. Regrettably, ISB was able to take a strong lead against FIS and the Warriors could not recover. FIS ended the weekend with two defeats. In the second half of the first game, Frankfurt's Bradley had to be taken out for the weekend due to an injured leg. Another FIS player, James, also was able to make a name for himself by scoring his first and second try of the season during this weekend. Overall, FIS players played well against a much more physical team on their home grounds. The weekend's matches will serve as motivation for the Warriors to show their colors and excel in the coming ISST tournament in England.

JV – This last weekend, the JV Rugby Team participated in the LSSA tournament, which included four other international schools from the London area.
Competition was tough and the London-based schools play a different age level, so FIS was on average a year younger. Despite the age gap, it didn't dissuade the Warriors.

FIS arrived on Friday and had their first game at 15:00 against the American School of London (ASL). Despite a loss and some dehydration from the trip, the Warriors bounced back on Saturday with three other games against Cobham, TASIS and Hill Academy. The competition was fierce and at a level not previously seen by the young Warriors. But even in their losses, their fighting spirit remained.

FIS will play one last match together as the season comes to a close, against the U16 team at Sport Club Frankfurt 1880 on Sunday 17 March at 14:30.



No meet to report.

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