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Performing Arts at FIS

FIS inspires young individuals to develop their intellect, creativity and character in many ways, and the school's Performing Arts Department helps foster those attributes through involvement in a variety of performance activities. Thriving string orchestra, choir and band programs are at the center of the school’s musical life, and various levels in each program ensure that students are able to learn at a level appropriate for their development.

Drama and dance productions are a long-standing tradition at FIS, too. Upper School students have a number of performance options each year in the form of a musical, comedy, Greek tragedy or one-act play. To ensure that every student has at least one opportunity to try out for a production each year the Performing Arts Department plans Drama and Dance productions over a three-year cycle.  

For a look at future opportunities, see the list below. For more information or for specific performance dates during the school year, please visit the Web Calendar or contact


2014-2015 School Year
Choir Concert (November, Grades 6-12)
Drama Production (November, Grades 9-12)
Orchestra Concert (December, Grades 6-12) 
Band Concert (February, Grades 6-12)
IB Performance Night (March, Grades 11-12)
Dance Event (March, Grades 6-12)
Choir Concert (April, Grades 6-12)
Orchestra Concert (April, Grades 6-12)
Band Concert (June, Grades 6-12)
Musical (June, Grades 6-8)


Performing Arts in the Curriculum

Depending on grade level, students have a number of Performing Arts opportunities built into class schedules. To learn more about curriculum surrounding the Performing Arts classes, click here.

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