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Why Choose the FISW Campus?

Our campus in Naurod, a beautiful hamlet outside of Wiesbaden, offers an alternative FIS option for students age 3 to Grade 6, with plans to expand to Grade 8 by 2016.

Download our FISW Expansion brochure to learn about offerings in Grades 6-8.

Bussing to FISW is available from many areas in the Rhine-Main region as well as for those within Wiesbaden. Only 30 minutes drive from Oberursel, we encourage you to also visit our FISW campus.

Benefits of a Smaller Campus
The benefits of a smaller campus are particularly compelling for Primary and Elementary children. With a campus of 200 students, both the parent and student communities form very close bonds of support. The school’s smaller size makes transitions from abroad very easy and children feel known not only by their teacher but by their Principal and other faculty and staff as well. FISW consequently enjoys a strong sense of "family," with siblings greeting and meeting each other throughout the day, and faculty and staff knowing and developing close relationships with all family members. Depending on the grade level, FISW also often has smaller class sizes of 16-18 students, which can a great bonus for differentiated learning.

Countryside Location
FISW is easily accessible by major road networks, yet is surrounded by wide-open spaces and beautiful fields. The cost of housing is also often less expensive in this more rural community. Teachers take advantage of this open location, often holding class outdoors in the surrounding area and our younger children regularly spend a complete day outside in the local forest.

Ease of Innovation
The size of our FISW campus facilitates creative and innovative programs. FISW was the first campus to offer a program for three-year olds and the technology program is outstanding. FISW has achieved a high ratio of access to personal technology such as ipads and laptops and students from First Steps use technology as an embedded learning tool in their daily classroom lives. The Grade 4 cycling course, the Grade 5 residential trip to Berlin and use of GPS devices to explore the locality (geocaching) are further examples of unique opportunities that are more easily managed in this smaller division.

French Program
FISW is our only campus that offers First Language support for Elementary students who are already fluent in French. This is added to native Dutch and German for those who come to FISW already fluent in these languages.

Big Fish, Small Pond
At FISW, the opportunities for all to participate are greater. Whether in musical, athletic or drama events and performances, all children have a significant role to play. Many parents and students also like the fact that FISW ends at the end of the PYP, as this gives Grade 5 the opportunity to be “student leaders” in the school. This comes with responsibilities as well, but Grade 5 students are appreciative of the "privileges" that also go with being the oldest students on campus. Celebrating “PYP Graduation” from FISW is a significant right of passage and a landmark in the stages of ‘growing up’ before the move to the Oberursel campus for Grade 6 and beyond.

Come and visit to see for yourself the unique opportunities at FISW!

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