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Staying Connected, Giving Back

Staying Connected, Giving Back

FIS alumni, whether they attended the school for many years or just a few, continue to stay connected to FIS in myriad ways. Some choose to serve as a mentor to other alumni in the same profession; some return to FIS to speak to a class, or to present at Career Day. Others plan alumni reunions in far corners of the world, or serve as class coordinator for their 10, 25, 40, or 50 year reunion, rounding up friends and classmates to make the event a success. Still others choose to support new and innovative programs for current FIS students via the Annual Fund. Long story short, the connections and relationships forged at FIS become some of the most important in life. 
Two examples of alumni-initiated programs current FIS students are benefiting from are: the screening of a documentary film at FIS produced by FIS alumna, Wendy Sax, and the annual George Henning-Ross English Writing Competition and Award. Both programs were funded via the FIS Annual Fund.
Special Film Screening
Wendy Sax, returned to FIS in October to show the film she produced called Moving Stories. The film is about the Battery Dance Company (BDC) who teaches dance to youth who have experienced poverty, violence, or other forms of trauma. The film highlights the week-long workshops where these youth are challenged to create and perform a dance. Since 2006, BDC has led more than 500 dance workshops in over 60 countries around the world. The founder and Artistic Director of the BDC, Jonathan Hollander, was awarded the Federal Order of Merit (Bundesverdienstkreuz) by the German President in June 2018 for this work in Germany with Syrian refugees.
Ms. Sax participated in drama at FIS, majored in English and Theater at Smith College, and has had a lifelong interest in theater and dance. She has worked for Warner Bros., Universal Pictures, Martin Scorsese and others, in creative and script development and also worked as an artistic director and producer. During her visit to FIS, in addition to showing her film and hosting a Question and Answer session for the audience, Ms. Sax spoke to film, dance, and theatre classes, and met with Junior Filmmakers (Grade 4 and 5 FIS students who participated in LUCAS film festival). This was an excellent opportunity for FIS students to speak with and learn from a professional filmmaker and former FIS student – and was a wonderful example of a dedicated alumna staying connected and giving back to FIS with her time and talents.
English Writing Competition and Award
George Henning-Ross, a beloved and charismatic former English teacher at FIS for over 25 years, created and funded an English writing competition and award that was named in his honor. Each year, FIS alumni donate via the Annual Fund to provide the €1,000 for the student contest winner in order to keep the writing contest and Mr. Henning-Ross’s memory alive. A record 17 essays were submitted during the 2018-19 school year. An article on pages 10-11 shines a spotlight on this special competition. The legacy this dedicated and generous teacher created continues to give through those he touched, serving FIS students well beyond his time here.

Whatever path you choose to stay connected to FIS, we hope you’ll find your experiences after graduation meaningful and rewarding.

Hilary Polomsky
Development and Alumni Relations

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