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What started in 1961 with 120 students in a historic villa has grown into a sprawling campus with approximately 1,800 students. Frankfurt International School has continued to evolve with its growing student body, adding a three-story Upper School, new Elementary School and purpose-built Primary School over the last four decades.

Further developments have included the school's Arts, Science and Technology wing, which was inaugurated by Hessen's Minister of Finance Karlheinz Weimar in 2007, and a state-of-the art Auditorium, which opened in 2011.

Most recently, FIS completed one of its most ambitious building projects – the Stroth Center for Learning and Athletics  – which serves as a focal point for all visitors to the Oberursel campus, and is a symbol of our school’s commitment to inspire a balance of intellect, creativity and character development within our students.

Don't forget to visit our Wiesbaden Campus

Oberursel Primary School

The Primary School is a purpose-built facility for young children with outdoor play areas, a library, gymnasium, and cafeteria – and surrounded by lush forest and hiking trails. Only half a kilometer from the Elementary and Upper School facility, the Primary School educates over 220 students from age 3 through Grade 1. The early years program at FIS provides a joyful introduction to school and learning.

Side view of the Primary School

The Primary School sits 0.5 km from the Elementary and Upper School. The 3-story building is lined with windows providing ample light and views to the nearby forest. 

Slide outside the Primary School

One big playground is built into the hill, with slides on both sides. Students also have smaller play areas directly outside their classrooms. 

Student running down the hall

Even with over 200 young learners in the Primary School, the purpose-built facility allows for learning spaces in classrooms, outside, and even the spacious hallways. 

Students in the classroom

Dress-up is popular in Primary School. Students have room to be creative and explore in our large bright and purpose-built classrooms. 

Table at the canteen

Primary School students enjoy lunch in their own cafeteria. 

Teacher helping student bake

The Oberursel Primary School campus is built with the youngest learners in mind. Our classroom kitchen provides lower countertops so students can learn to bake and cook easily. 

Kids walking down the stair

The Primary School is a three-story building. Students are walking from the top level down to the Primary School cafeteria on the main level. 

Kids at the PS Library

With more than 12,000 titles, including fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, audio books, CDs and an international section with books in many languages, the Oberursel Campus Primary School Library is a well-equipped resource center.

Bridge to the Other Campus

The bridge from the Primary School to the Main Campus. The Upper School Stroth Center is in the background. 

Primary School | Oberursel

Oberursel Elementary School

The Elementary School, consisting of approximately 450 students in Grades 2 through 5, sits adjacent to the Upper School. While the Elementary School students share some facilities, such as the cafeteria, gym, and theater space with the Upper School, multiple age-appropriate playgrounds, outdoor learning spaces and a separate library allow these younger children to explore their "school within a school." 

Front of the Elementary School
Elementary School Commons Area

When students arrive through the front doors, a spacious and light-filled common area awaits them. This area is used as a multipurpose area for presentations, assemblies, performances or just hanging out. 

Elementary School Library shelves

Our Oberursel Campus Elementary School Library contains a collection of over 16,000 books: fiction (picture books through easy reader, series, chapter books and graphic novels), non-fiction, reference, and international books in many languages including German and Korean.

Elementary School Classroom

The Elementary School has approximately 40 classrooms designated for Grades 2-5. 

Kids in the lunchline

Elementary School students enjoy nourishing and appetizing lunches in the cafeteria, which is also used by the Upper School students on different lunch schedules. 

Kids playing on the playground

Elementary School students have use of two different playground on the Oberursel campus. Student go outside to play every day. 

Elementary School | Oberursel

Oberursel Upper School

The Middle School and High School, combined into the Upper School (Grades 6-12), provides students with a rich and demanding college preparatory program, as well as extra-curricular activities and athletics, organized clubs, and service projects that often lead to travel and exchanges in other parts of Europe and beyond. Success in the FIS Upper School leads to opportunities to enter the world’s top colleges and universities with the support of FIS college counselors.

Front of the Upper School

The Upper School houses the Middle School (Grades 6-8) and High School (9-12). The area between the Upper School and the Stroth Center, affectionately called "The Boulevard," is where many students congregate and visit.  

Students working at the Tech Deck

The Upper School tech deck, available for Grade 6-12 students, is staffed by our tech team to assist with technology support. The surrounding area is where Upper School students congregate and visit. 

Boys playing on the field

The Upper School has two full-size fields which are used for soccer, rugby, baseball, and softball. 

Girls working in the DT lab

Students in Grades 6-12 have access to multiple Design Technology labs. 

Students working in the art studio

Our Upper School art labs are bright and open. With views of the nearby forest and mountains, students can't help but be inspired. 

Teacher working with 3D Printers

As part of our STEM program, students have access to 9 3-D printers. 

Students in PE

Our gym, located in the Stroth Center, has space for basketball and volleyball courts. PE classes for Elementary, Middle and High School are held here as well. 

Upper School | Middle & High School