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a place to acquire independence

Boys working on computers

The Oberursel Campus Middle School is nested within the Upper School and while there is no physical separation between our Middle School (Grades 6-8) and High School (Grades 9-12), the approximately 400 students in Grades 6 through 8 experience a slightly different schedule and academic program than the older grades to allow for their growing social development.

We know that Grade 6 students have different educational needs than those in the upper grades and have developed a program tailored specifically for this age group. Our Middle School students are encouraged to continuously expand their knowledge, independence and risk-taking, with support from our Middle School counselors and Learning Support specialists when and where needed. 

On the Oberursel Campus, Middle School students share facilities with those in High School, including the cafeteria, auditorium, sports courts/fields, library, science labs and classrooms, and benefit from faculty who teach across all 6-12 grade levels.

"I like the independence they give us in Middle School. We are able to walk with friends from homeroom to classes. In Middle School, I get to socialize more with my friends because you blend more with everybody else." 


Grade 6 Student

Middle School Boy by tree

"FIS is different in several ways from my old school in the US.  Here, I'm friends with kids from different nationalities, and I regularly hear multiple different languages spoken in the hallway. In Germany people give their kids a lot more independence than back home, which I really like. For example, at my old school, we were not allowed to leave the campus unless our parents picked us up personally.  But, at FIS, I can walk home from school by myself or take the U-Bahn into Frankfurt with my friends."


Grade 8 Student

Middle School student by the school

"There are several subjects which I really enjoy. For example Art, Humanities, French, and Math because the teachers make it a fun environment where you aren't afraid of making mistakes. In my opinion that is the best and the fastest way to learn." 


Grade 8 Student

Boy in front of playground
Build a Strong Foundation for High School
Kids learning

In Middle School at Oberursel, teachers begin laying the groundwork for the IB Curriculum. Students follow a traditional curriculum with numerous electives, such as art, music, band, drama, computer tech, design tech, etc. to pique student interest for the future. 

Take Advantage of the Expansive Facilities

Kids hanging out in the Stroth Center

Oberursel Middle School students share the same spaces as students in Grades 9-12, typically on a different schedule. These facilities such as the library, gym, art studios, theater, and athletic fields provide students with a feeling of independence on a large campus. 

Discover New Talents with Ample Activities
Middle School Students in Shrek

Between sport teams, the arts, and service learning, students have extensive opportunities both during the school day and outside to make friends while exploring new interests, pushing boundaries, taking a leadership role, or honing a new skill.

Explore Other Countries

Grade 6 students on class trip

Students in Grades 6-8 have several opportunities for international travel, whether with their athletic teams or with friends for one of the summer or holiday trips. All students participate in Trip Week, typically held in early September where grades and homerooms quickly get better acquainted. 

Discover New Interests, Make New Friends

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