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A PLACE full of inspiration

Students exploring the forest

FIS opened its doors in Oberursel in 1961 as the second international school in Germany and faced stellar growth as the demand for an international education grew faster than the offerings. In the late 1980s, the mayor of Wiesbaden saw the rapid increase in the number of global companies in the Rhine Main region and understood the connection between international business and international education. In 1992, the International School of Wiesbaden (ISW) opened in Wiesbaden. 

As the school grew, it was a step ahead of the Oberursel campus in terms of technology. The campus also introduced mixed-age groups, support for students with special needs, German traffic safety lessons, and outdoor learning excursions. 

In 2014, the school expanded its classes to include Grades 6-8. Because of its small size, FIS Wiesbaden has been able to inspire dedication and great leadership. In 2019, the campus began a major renovation to include a new library and media center, more than three times the space as before. In 2021, the new ACE (Arts and Creativity in Education) Center opened providing a state-of-the-art facility for the creative arts.

Wiesbaden Campus

Our recently redesigned Wiesbaden campus (FISW) serves more than 200 children from age 3 through Grade 8. This countryside campus is known for its family-centered community, and its smaller size provides a warm and personal atmosphere that allows for a supportive and personally challenging environment where every student is known and respected. Students in Primary School and Elementary School have the best of both worlds – access to the latest technology as well as the expansive green space surrounding the school. While Middle School students benefit from the same outstanding facilities, they enjoy their own wing of the school specially designed for developing teenagers. 

View of FISW from the sky

The Wiesbaden campus is nestled in the Naurod countryside and has an enrollment of approximately 200 students. 

Hallway at FISW

Elementary School students (Grades 2-5) enjoy their own section of the campus. 

FISW Commons

"The Commons" is a shared space for lunch and full-school assemblies, and where parents can meet during drop off and pick up. The second level has special seating where students can study, collaborate or relax. 

Wiesbaden library

The newly expanded FIS Wiesbaden library has become a place not only to check out books, but a place for students to explore and collaborate. 

Students learning in the forest

All grade levels venture to the nearby forest for designated forest days or to explore math and science lessons (for the Middle School students). As a result, the forest has be incorporated as part of the learning day. 

Kids in the Outdoor Learning Classroom

Directly adjacent to the Wiesbaden campus is the enclosed Outdoor Learning Classroom. All grade levels spend time out in this classroom during the week incorporating science, math, and engineering concepts while taking advantage of the natural environment. 

FIS Wiesbaden