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Teacher working with student

As a small school, FISW has the good fortune of knowing each and every student and their families personally. We take great pride in greeting students as they walk through the door each morning, and watching as they progress through grade levels, being individually challenged in creative ways throughout their journey. 

Serving approximately 150 students from age three (First Steps) through Grade 5, the Wiesbaden Primary and Elementary Schools create opportunities for building independence and a hunger for exploring deeply into a variety of subjects through the International Baccalaureate's Primary Years Programme (PYP). Outdoor learning is one of FISW's top priorities, and teachers take full advantage of the extensive outdoor learning spaces and nearby forest to teach across all subjects. 

Our Primary School students (age 3 through Grade 1) enjoy their own separate space on the Wiesbaden campus, but regularly interact with older students who may serve as mentors during mixed-age learning opportunities – a feature unique to the Wiesbaden campus. When younger students graduate to Elementary School, they move upstairs for Grades 2 through Grade 5. All Wiesbaden campus students benefit from the newly built state-of-the-art ACE (Arts, Creativity and Education) Center, technology hub and library.

Join Our Caring Community

FISW Community volunteers over a food table preparing for gathering

Our school community has a small-town feel near a big city. When asked what makes FIS Wiesbaden special, it's that everyone knows your name. Our families, along with the faculty and staff, are very involved and invested in the students. 

Discover Our Outdoor Classrooms

Students in the forest looking at images of different tree bark patterns

Since 2014, FISW has incorporated outdoor learning into the curriculum. In addition to designated forest days, students also learn in a purpose-built outdoor classroom area. To bring the extended classroom even closer to the building, many teachers have created spaces directly outside their classroom to allow students to flow in and out as needed for a range of different lessons. 

Experience Personalized Learning

FISW Teacher working one on one with student

Because of its smaller size, teachers on the Wiesbaden Campus have greater flexibility in creating highly personalized learning opportunities for students at all subjects and grade levels. 

Engage with STEM, the Arts, and Design

FISW has invested heavily in new facilities and offerings in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) for all students. Classes include design technology, digital arts, and coding, and a new visual and performing arts center (ACE Center) allows for more opportunities in music, theater and the arts.

Small Campus with Big Experiences

FISW Students on bikes

A cycling course at FISW gets students moving safely and with confidence

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