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a place to explore beyond the classroom

Group of middle school students writing on clipboards outside

Being outside allows students to explore beyond books and laptops. The vast green spaces surrounding both of our campuses provide students an incredible natural classroom in which they can hone their critical thinking and communication skills, build resilience, and focus on physical and mental health, while learning about the wonders of the natural world.

In addition to designated forest days, younger students at both campuses also participate in learning activities in the purpose-built outdoor classrooms, and many teachers have created learning spaces directly outside of their classrooms to allow students to flow in and out as needed during particular lessons.

In 2014, our Wiesbaden Campus formally incorporated outdoor learning into the curriculum and since then, students across grade levels have enjoyed learning on and around its countryside campus.

what is outdoor learning?

Outdoor Learning on both campuses takes shape in three distinct ways for Primary and Elementary School students. 

Being outside allows students to make real-world connections through experiences that they hopefully will carry with them throughout their lives. There is only so much one can do within the walls of a school. Being outside allows students to explore further than a text or technology. Christina Bachl, FIS Wiesbaden Teacher

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