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Fridays for Future

Our Upper School houses both the Middle School (Grades 6-8) and High School (Grades 9-12), with approximately 140 students per grade level. Students who join FIS will find countless opportunities within the rigorous IB Diploma curriculum, as well as a wide variety of courses to choose from in the arts, humanities, and foreign languages.

Beyond the classroom, students can pursue their passions through participation in one of our many service groupsstudent organizations, or athletic teams

Historically, one third of graduates matriculate to the United States, one third enter UK universities, and one third pursue higher education in other countries around the world.

Welcome to the High School

FIS is a founding International Baccalaureate (IB) World School where all students work toward a High School Diploma; 90% of students also pursue the IB Diploma. In addition to required coursework, students may pursue various learning opportunities, including participating in online courses through the Global Online Academy (GOA), of which FIS is a member.


Meet A Few Students

"It was a big change transferring from a small international school in France to FIS. Coming here where my grade had 142 students proved to be intimidating at first, but I quickly adapted and am enjoying my time here.  FIS has a great selection of IB courses to choose from, which allowed me to pick the courses I’m interested in and still meet all the requirements to complete the full IB diploma."


Grade 12 Student

High school student

"When I moved from Middle School to High School it often feels the same and sometimes I forget that I am in Grade 9. Since Middle School and High School are at the same campus, it makes it a lot easier to transition from one to the other. I have found myself in the same classrooms where I was in Grade 6, and it's very nostalgic." 


Grade 9 Student

Gade 9 Student

"FIS does a phenomenal job of preparing students for the next phase of their academic career, be that university or something else. They put a strong emphasis on organizational skills and time management - qualities needed at higher levels of education - but also make sure to provide assistance so that no student falls through the cracks.  Every teacher I have had has a lot of experience teaching at the IB level, so the quality of instruction is incredibly high." 


Grade 12 Student


Senior Student

"The emphasis on service at FIS helps students connect with communities across the world and fosters an awareness of global issues. It allows us to take the initiative to support a cause that we are passionate about and see firsthand the impact that we, as a community, can have. I have been fortunate enough to have become a part of the Kalahari Experience. Through the initiative, I was able to see, firsthand, the impact our actions have on the lives of others." 


Grade 11 Student

Student by the Stroth Center

high School at a Glance


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Students Pursue & Receive the IB Diploma


Academic Courses to Choose 

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