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A Middle School student plays the drums on stage during an H Day Assembly

Within our Grade 6-8 program at FIS Wiesbaden, highly qualified and motivated faculty work with students in a team structure to create custom-designed learning experiences, continuously reviewed to meet individual needs and interests. Smaller class sizes, a project-based approach, and formative and summative assessment practices ensure high engagement and maximum growth for our approximately 60 Middle School students. After Grade 8, students are ready for a successful transition to our High School (Grades 9-12) at the Oberursel campus. 

"We are a small campus so we often have coed teams made up of a wide variety of experience levels. I love when I see students who have never played organized basketball before, and were unsure about playing at all, start to identify as athletes.”

Lori Nolte

FISW PE Teacher and Coach


PE teacher at FISW

"I was at FISW for Grades 7 and 8. It is fun and family-oriented school, creating a safe and comforting environment. I loved how kind and understanding the faculty were, they created a safe and positive classroom space. What truly made it special was the size of the campus, it resulted in a more engaging and tight community. You could make friends so quickly because of the time and classes we had with one another, and got to know one another very well.”


Former FISW Student


Experience Personalized Learning 

A Middle School girl sitting at a desk, holding pen and looking at a notebook
Smaller class sizes allow FISW faculty the time (and space) to provide personalized instruction across grade levels. Middle School students who want to dig deeper into certain subject areas are able to do so with greater flexibility, and benefit from working with faculty members dedicated specifically to Middle School classes. A new schedule emphasizes personalized learning, which includes a full-day of student-driven learning and projects, as well as daily “What I Need” time in which students can seek additional support or challenge.

Be Part of an Athletic Team

FISW Middle School soccer players celebrating with arms raised
FISW is proud of its inclusive athletics program with a no-cut policy. All students who wish to participate can join our soccer, volleyball or basketball teams. This is a great opportunity for students who are exploring their talents as well as those who are developing. FISW participates in a conference that includes other international schools in the area.

Build Close Personal Relationships

Middle School friends
The community feel of the school and smaller class sizes mean students have wonderful opportunities to form strong ties to classmates, whether through building sets for the school's drama production, participating in team sports, or traveling together during the Middle School's overnight trips.

Learn in State-of-the-Art Facilities 

ACE CEnter

Opened in 2021, FISW's ACE (Arts, Creativity, and Education) Center has transformed the FIS Wiesbaden countryside campus with a new facility for increased offerings in the visual and performing arts, science and design technology.

Discover New Interests, Make New Friends

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