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a place to be cared for

Kids going on a walk in the woods

We are committed to providing students with resources that have an immediate and meaningful impact on their learning, and we recognize this is not achieved only through academics. Supporting students’ social and emotional wellness is equally important in laying a strong foundation for learning. Students who are challenged and feel safe and understood apply themselves better in school.

We pride ourselves on having a counseling program that caters not only to students, but to parents as well. Counselors routinely provide advice and resources to help parents address issues that may be beyond their scope of expertise. The school, along with the Parent Teacher Group (PTG), host a variety of parent sessions on topics ranging from behavior and development and managing technology, to dealing with the challenges that transitioning to a new school or host country can bring. Within the last several years, the counseling department has aimed even higher in providing resources for all members of the school community, bringing in quality keynote speakers to our campuses.

Resources for Students

Nursing Team

Your child's health and wellness is very important to us. The Primary, Elementary, Upper School, and Wiesbaden campuses have their own resident nurses who are responsible for the medical care of your children during the school day. In addition to providing school-day care to students as needed, nurses are also available to provide answers to health-related questions and address concerns you may have regarding a child's particular medical issue.

Please note that FIS, while sensitive to supporting the unique medical needs of its students, is not a nut-free (including peanut) campus. Parents are responsible for working closely with the school’s nursing offices to address a child’s peanut allergy, or any other allergies or individual medical needs. If you have general questions, please reach out to our team.  

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Ways We Support FIS Families


Counselors Between Both Campuses


Parent Sessions Supporting Students Academic, Social, and Emotional Well-Being


Nurses to Care for your Children


Opportunities and Events Each Year for Academic and University Planning