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Digital Arts

Art exists in many forms. While clay, paint, dance, or a musical instrument is an expression of art, the combination of creativity with technology is also art. Our students don't stop creating at the band hall, theater, or dance studio. They also create masterpieces with the latest technology and online tools. 

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elementary school digital arts

In Elementary School, students have the opportunity to explore how traditional art and digital art come together. 

Students learn how technology can be a tool to create, design, and express their imagination. Whether it's using iPads to design or special lighting to tell the story during the Elementary School production, technology is allowing for a whole new playing field for creativity. 

With the new FISW ACE Center, students have opportunities for more digital arts, media, and design technology  opportunities. 

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middle & upper school digital arts

Photography, Digital Media (Newspaper, Magazine, TV, Yearbook) 

Boy with Camera

In Grades 6-12, students can join the FIS Herald (FISH), a digital newspaper with articles about the school, Frankfurt, book, movie, and music reviews. 

The Well magazine showcases the original writing and art of the community. Grade 8-12 students learn publishing skills to produce professional publications – both in print and online.

FIS TV is produced by students from the Upper School's Media Production and Broadcasting class, who record, edit and mix video segments from our Oberursel "studio." Students also host a live broadcast called Thursday Night Live and other live-streamed school events.

Yearbook production at FIS provides Grade 6-12 students hands-on experiences on how business works in the publishing world, involving layout, and design, photography, copy, and advertising.