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Performing Arts

Our extensive Performing Arts program begins with our youngest learners and continues all the way through to the Upper School. Music, art, dance and drama classes offer a range of opportunities from beginners interested in exploring new creative outlets to experienced performers looking to hone their craft.

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primary school performing arts

Strings, Choir, Drama

Music fills FIS classrooms from the very early ages. All Primary School students attend music class twice a week. 

Beginning in Grade 1, students on both campuses, may learn the violin or cello. Weekly string classes are taught during lunch/recess at no extra charge. 

Wiesbaden campus students who love to sing can join the "FISW Singers" beginning in Primary School or perform in the Junior Choir (Grades 1 through 3).

All students, at both the Oberursel and Wiesbaden campus, participate in a variety of stage productions throughout the year where they have the opportunity to show off their dramatic personalities. 

Students can also take private lessons in a variety of instruments after school. Here is a list of instructors

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Elementary school performing arts

Strings, Band, Choir, Drama

Kids playing music

Taught by our top notch specialist teachers, all students receive music and drama as part of the weekly curriculum

At FIS Oberursel, students in Grades 4 and 5 participate in the Fine Arts Collaboration bringing together dance, drama, and music designed completely by the students. 

The Wiesbaden campus recently added a new Expressive Arts class, which makes use of the school's ACE Center. This class allows students to rotate between drama, woodworking, band, design technology, music and visual arts every six weeks. 

In addition to music classes, the Elementary School on both campuses offers extra-curricular performing arts opportunities.

Starting as early as Grade 2, many students are excited to join a beginning strings class to learn the cello, violin, double bass or viola. After one year, students can join the Intermediate Strings or the Junior Orchestra. 

On the Oberursel campus, Grade 5 students can join the Beginners' Band to learn an instrument such as the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet or trombone. Students in Grades 4-5 who love to sing have the opportunity to perform with the Elementary School Choir.

Through the REAL Activities Program Performing Arts Academy, Elementary Students may opt to take classes such as drama, dance, and guitar. These classes may vary depending on the session dates. 

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Middle school performing arts

Strings, Band, Choir, Dance, Music, Guitar, Drama

As part of the curriculum, Middle School students are required to take music, choir, or band, as well as drama.

In Grades 6 and 7, students on the Oberursel campus can participate in the Junior Concert Band, and in Grade 8 they prepare to join the Senior Concert Band. In addition to the main bands, smaller ensembles and solo performance opportunities are also offered at concerts.

On the Wiesbaden campus, Middle School students are required to take a course in guitar, band, strings or keyboard instruction. FISW's new ACE Center features a theater area for the entire campus to use for rehearsals and performances.

In Oberursel, all Grade 6–8 students who play the violin, viola, cello or double bass may take part in the Chamber Orchestra, regardless of their previous experience. Rehearsals take place once a week after school.

Each spring, Middle School students on both campuses put on a theatre production.

Middle School students in band playing brass instruments (top), colorfully dressed actors
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high school performing arts

Music, Strings, Band, Choir, Dance, Drama, IB Diploma

Choir and cellos

Our Upper School course options include music, drama, performance theatre, dance and IB (Standard and High) music, dance, and theater. 

Outside of the classroom, students can also participate and perform with ensemble groups. 

Band and Jazz Band meet during lunch or after school. String players at all levels may join the Chamber Orchestra and/or Honor Strings, which meets once a week after school. 

Those High School students who love to sing can join the Concert Choir or audition for "FIS Singers." 

FIS is a member of the Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS). Students in Grades 6–12 may audition for the AMIS festivals (Honor Choir, Band, or Orchestra), which take place on a rotating basis at international schools around the world. 

Students can also showcase their talents to fellow classmates during morning "Fridays in the Foyer" performances. 

The FIS Dance Company, which meets after-school (and on some weekends) performs in at least one large dance event each year. Students interested in drama can audition to perform and/or work as crew member in the annual High School production, typically held in the fall.


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Contact Us

Please contact us about joining band, choir, strings, drama, or dance. 

Head of Performing Arts
Daniel Sarstedt (Oberursel)

Mark Fields (Oberursel)
Caprice Schupp (Wiesbaden) 

Trish Sturgeon (Oberursel)
Rosalind Klein (Wiesbaden)

Julie Borsodi (Oberursel)
Irina Pröve (Wiesbaden)

Daniel Sarstedt (Oberursel)
Sarah Abrams (Oberursel)
Soledad Chinchilla (Wiesbaden)

Jez Gregg (Dance/Drama)

Assistant to the Performing Arts (FISO)
Kana Stark

Private Music Instruction
Private lessons for piano, band instruments, and strings are offered after school in the purpose-built music practice rooms in the Performing Arts area of FIS Oberursel or in the newly built ACE Center at FIS WIesbaden. Here is a list of our instructors by instrument.