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Visual Arts

Art is the universal medium of human expression. From age 3 through Grade 12, FIS students are challenged to give life to their imagination and creativity, and illustrate their communication and original thinking skills through art. The Visual Arts program is a well-supported one at FIS and the level of sophistication and maturity with which our students approach art studies sets FIS apart as a leader in well-rounded international education.

Visual Arts PS


primary school visual arts

In the Primary School, art is taught by specialist teachers starting with our youngest learners beginning with age 3 in Oberursel and age 5 in Wiesbaden. 

Here, students learn about the creative process, explore elements of design, look at some of the great artists of the past, and identify where art exists in everyday life. 

From learning about colors and shapes to experimenting with a range of art techniques, students get a strong foundation for art appreciation – even in these early years. 

Art classes within the Primary School include a broad range of experiences such as working with textiles, ceramics and collage, to drawing, painting and mask making, as well as printmaking and graphic design.

Girl with Van Gogh
Elementary School Icon


Elementary school visual arts

Middle School Girl in art

From Grades 2-5, art is taught as part of the curriculum with specialist instructors. Students develop their imagination and creativity through experimentation and self-expression, learning about the principles of art and design, and discovering the role art plays in society and cultures. 

At the Elementary School level, students work to develop all fine arts skills through sculpture, drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, and digital art. On both campuses, students have state-of-art facilities in which to create, and a plethora of tools and supplies for exploring their artistic sides. On the FISW campus, the newly constructed ACE (Art and Creativity in Education) Center features art studio spaces overlooking the nearby countryside from which students can draw inspiration.  

Outside of class, students can join the Art Club on both campuses through our REAL Activities Program’s Art Academy. On the FISW campus, students in Grades 3-8 can also take Zendala & 3D Drawing as an after-school course via REAL Activities.

Middle School icon


middle school visual arts

From creating Celtic Illuminated Manuscripts in Grade 6 to subtractive sculpture in Grade 8, Middle School students have many opportunities to both create and learn about art.

One visual arts class is available each semester for students in Grades 6 and 7, and those who opt out of taking a third language can take a semester of 3-D Sculpture and Ceramics as well. 

All students in Grade 8 can take one semester of visual arts during the year; Grade 8 students who opt out of taking a third language can take a Printmaking semester. 

Middle School students on the Oberursel campus share the three art studios with Grade 9-12 students. At FISW, Middle School students enjoy the newly built art space in the ACE (Arts and Creativity in Education) Center, which opened in early 2021. 

Outside of school, students can take classes through the REAL Activity Program Art Academy like Clay Design and 3D Drawing. 

Visual Arts Middle School
Upper School icon


Upper school visual arts

Picture of John Lennon

The success of our graduating art students illustrates the high level of expectation and training within the Visual Arts program at FIS. Graduates have gone on to attend some of the finest art schools in the world including the Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design (New York City), the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, and the Hongik School of Art in Seoul, Korea.

IB Visual Arts

For students who are seriously interested in visual arts, FIS offers demanding courses at the IB level. The IB Visual Arts course stresses practice in the use of various media, the acquisition of techniques, the mature development of creative ideas, and the ability to relate to all forms of art in their many social, cultural and historical contexts. The course has specific criteria set for both studio work and an "investigation workbook."

In its first year, the course is teacher-directed but during the second year, evolves into more student-initiated and student-guided study where teachers serve more as objective guides for the student as they progress through exploration and experimentation of themes and use of various media.

The IB Diploma work in Visual Arts culminates in the Diploma Level Art Exhibition and final exam/interview with an external examiner. Results are consistently above the world average and our graduates' acceptances and scholarships to some of the world's best art schools is a testament to the rigor and breadth of the Visual Arts program at FIS.


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