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FISW Athletics

Welcome to FISW Athletics. We pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide for all students. Our "no-cut" policy provides an open door and welcome feeling for all types of athletes. We support student relationships with athletics and transform their identity with sports. Kids who have never played before join us to learn the rules, have the opportunity to participate in friendly competitions, and leave the season wanting to come back next year claiming that they are now a soccer, basketball, or volleyball player. Students who have experience already are given great opportunities to take leadership roles to help their friends learn the game and spread the passion and love for the sport.

"FISW encourages everyone to try out, even if they don’t know the sport very well. They don’t categorize by skill level. The coed teams provide unique peer learning opportunities. I learned different ways to play Basketball when I played with the boys, and it helped my game."

Betty, FISW Student

wiesbaden warrior teams

Our dedicated coaches, educators, and parents inspire athletes to persevere and be courageous, while still having fun.

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Athletics and Activities Coordinator
Donny Hansen