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1 March 2024

2 February 2024

8 February (19:00, online) 2024

11 March 2024

24 May 2024

19 April

24 April (19:00, online) - 2 June 2024

24 June 2024 - 19 July 2024; 5 August - 9 August

REAL Activities BrochureS

Oberursel Campus - Term 3  
Wiesbaden Campus - Term 3  
Summer Academy (available 19 April)
Private Music Tutoring

REAL Term Registration Information

Registration for all courses takes place via Veracross, the school's Student Information System.

Although classes are designed to accommodate all registrants, availability is limited to a first-come, first-serve basis. Confirmation letters are sent out on a class-by-class basis once the minimum number of participants has been met.

Most courses have a minimum enrollment in order to run. Should this minimum not be met, the course may be cancelled at the discretion of the instructor. A notice will be sent to all registered participants as early as possible so they may register for another class if desired.

Online registration takes place within our Student Information System, Veracross. Steps are outlined below:

  1. Log into Veracross ( with your unique username and password.
  2. Select the registration link (either student or adult course) under the “Parent Resources” section at the bottom right-hand side of page. See this illustration for location.

For detailed step-by-step instructions on registering for a course, please download this guide.

Please contact if you need your Veracross login information.

Frequently Asked Questions

cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your REAL course registration, please review the cancellation policy below and complete the cancellation form.


Cancellation Policy:

When fewer than eight (8) participants register for a program, the Activities Director reserves the right to cancel the class for the term. Notice will be sent to all participants who have indicated interest in the class as early as possible so they may register for another class, if desired. Participants do not have the option of a trial class.

If a participant drops out of a class within two (2) weeks of the start, the course fee will be partly reimbursed. A 20€ cancellation fee is applied and the cost of the class(es) attended will be deducted from such reimbursement as well as any associated fees from materials used.

After two (2) weeks, no reimbursement will be given. The cancellation fee will be waived if a participant transfers to another activity within the REAL Program or cancels his/her course the Friday prior to the start of the REAL Term. A course cancellation form must be completed.

Should a class be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the participants will be contacted so alternative arrangements can be made. Students in grade 5 and below will have the option to join Kids Club at no charge during the class time. If a class is cancelled two or more times, there will be a reduction in the class fee. There are no make up classes. When a participant misses a class, there will be no alternative lesson or reimbursement.

For off-campus Vacation Trips, if a participant withdraws from a trip less than 45 days prior to its start, they will be charged the full cost of the trip unless a replacement participant is found. Late cancellations due to medical reasons require a doctor’s note and are reimbursable.

For on-campus Vacation Camps, if a participant withdraws from a camp less than 14 days prior to its start, there will be a €50 cancellation fee. If a participant drops out after a camp commences or does not attend, they will be charged the cost of the class. Late cancellations due to medical reasons require a doctor’s note and are reimbursable.


Contact Our REAL activities Team

Martha Boston-Majetic
REAL Activities Director
Tel: +49 (0) 6171-2024-497

Christie Phillips
Athletic and Activities Department
Tel: +49 (0) 6171-2024-819

Eric Nicolai
FISW REAL Activities Coordinator