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Service group students prepare fresh vegetables during 23 Changemaker Conference

Service learning is an integral part of an FIS education and provides authentic experiences that help our students grow into adaptable, socially responsible global citizens. Projects at FIS support both the local community and people around the globe.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment, and our students take great pride in their service work – learning along the way that they can have a positive impact in our world.

Service learning supports the local community – and people around the globe.

While many of the school's service learning projects have been active in the school for years, FIS also supports new student initiatives each year that may respond to a current crisis or support student passions to make a difference in the local community or the world.

Student groups are supervised by faculty advisors and all associated fundraising is monitored by the school’s accounting office. The major annual fundraising event for many of the groups takes place during the FIS Applefest celebration, a community event held each fall with games and entertainment for families, and food booths operated by student groups.

Service Learning Groups at FIS

FIS hosts dozens of Service Learning opportunities each year. See the list below to learn more about the wide variety of projects in which our students are involved.

FIS Service Group Logo: Amnesty International

Amnesty International's mission is to spread awareness and generate action to prevent and end abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated. 

FIS Service Group Logo: Andante

Andante's mission is to create musical performances to entertain the residents of our local care homes and to provide lasting memories and connections for them.

FIS Service Group Logo: Climate Sustainability Club (CSC)

The mission of the Climate and Sustainability Club is to raise awareness for local and international environmental issues and to help improve the carbon footprint of FIS through various initiatives.

FIS Service Group Logo: Clean Water Initiative (CWI)

Clean Water Initiative's  mission is to provide clean water and sanitation for underprivileged people living in impoverished societies.

FIS Service Group Logo: Girl Up

Girl Up's mission is to raise awareness of the inequalities many girls and women face around the world and inspire action to help adolescent girls in developing countries gain access to education, health services, and safety.

FIS Service Group Logo: Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA)

Genders & Sexualities Alliance's mission is to promote equality, raise awareness, and fight for LGBTQ rights through a safe space.

FIS Service Group Logo: HIV/AIDS Awareness

The HIV Aids Awareness group's mission is to address the stigma around HIV/Aids, as well as raise money for the Camillians Center, a home for children in Thailand who suffer from HIV/Aids or who have lost parents to the illness.

FIS Service Group Logo: I-CAP (International Children's Awareness for Peace)

I-Cap's mission is to promote peace in the world, in war-torn areas and within the FIS community so that students can leave a positive and peaceful footprint in today’s society.

FIS Service Group Logo: Interact

Interact, which stands for international action, is a Rotary-sponsored service club whose mission is to raise awareness on various global issues throughout the year that are most pressing at the time.

FIS Service Group Logo: K-9 Relief

K-9 Relief's mission is to aid, advocate and fundraise for local animal organizations and shelters in the Taunus area, supplying them with donations of supplies and services.

FIS Service Group Logo: Kalahari Experience

KEEP's mission is to work together with educators and local communities to inspire, motivate and empower students to reach their potential through teaching, advocacy and the provision of necessary resources and support.

FIS Service Group Logo: Ludus

Ludus' mission is to help FIS Primary and Upper School students develop new skills by interacting with one another in a playful and academic setting.

FIS Service Group Logo: Oceans Aware

Oceans Aware advocates for saving the ocean and marine animals through educating students about ocean pollution and other impacts. The group incorporates art, including art exhibitions, as a way to raise awareness to the public.

FIS Service Group Logo: Operation Smile

Operation Smile aims to raise awareness and funds to provide surgical resources and support to children who will have cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries in remote areas of the world.

FIS Service Group Logo: Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues, helping to educate students about such issues and destigmatizing them. 

FIS Service Group Logo: Peer Educators

Peer Educators is a small group of Grade 10-12 students, who speak to younger grade levels (Grades 2-9) throughout the year on topics ranging from peer pressure to friendships / relationships and digital citizenship.

FIS Service Group Logo: Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring Network, a student-run and student-based organization, provides tutoring services to other FIS students with the goal of providing a strong network of reliable, honest and service-minded students who are available to tutor and guide each other through subject matters of need.

FIS Service Group Logo: Poland Drive

The Poland Drive's mission is to support a children's home in Kolackovo, Poland through fundraising campaigns and a bi-annual visit.

FIS Service Group Logo: Refugees Aware

The mission of Refugees Aware is to work with outside groups and organizations to raise awareness about the lives of refugees in our surrounding community and aiding them in any way that we can.

FIS Service Group Logo: Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board's mission is to give every student at FIS an opportunity to share their opinion and concerns on matters affecting the school and advocating said issues to the relevant people. 

FIS Service Group Logo: Student Athletic Council

The Student Athletic Council's mission is to provide the FIS community an engaging and fun experience from FIS athletic events, as well as ensuring athletes have a memorable season that allows them to continue their passion for sports.

FIS Service Group Logo: UnityLight
Unitylight Dance's mission to unite the FIS student community with local peers and classmates through student to student teaching of Kpop dance covers. The group also collaborates with Internationale Verein Windrose, a local organization that helps immigrant families transition to living in Germany.
FIS Service Group Logo: Wildlife and Animal Rescue

Wildlife and Animal Rescue's mission is to support organizations dedicated to animal rescue, and raise awareness of how animals around the world are being impacted in their natural habitats. 

FIS Service Group Logo: Wilderness International
Wilderness International strives to protect Canada's West Coast forests by adopting pieces of the land to allow threatened animals, plants and the people that live there to thrive. The group is also involved within our own community and environment.
FIS Service Group Logo: Youth Against Prejudice (YAP)
Youth Against Prejudice's   mission is to educate students on social issues surrounding cultural awareness and racial injustice to ensure a more welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for all students – regardless of their background.
FIS Service Group Logo: Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger's mission is to raise awareness about hunger and malnutrition, and to make impacts both locally and globally by supporting the Frankfurter Tafel (food bank) and the World Food Programme.

In addition to the many Service Learning opportunities available at FIS, students are also invited to be part of our student organizations and clubs


To learn more about Service Learning at FIS please contact:

Alicia Chaplin
Upper School Service Group Coordinator