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A PLACE to connect with community

Throughout the school year, FIS hosts a wide variety of events to benefit the entire community. It is through these festivals, performances, presentations and seminars that families form friendships and witness first-hand all that our school offers. Over the years, we've welcomed visiting authors, hosted science symposiums and highlighted our esteemed IB graduates in their accomplishments. School events, which are listed here on our calendar, are open to all community members from both campuses and often, the local community as well.

Family events 

On both the Oberursel and Wiesbaden campuses, parents organize annual community events such as the FIS Worldfest and Applefest, the FISW International Fest, or  Welcome BBQs, as opportunities for families, faculty and staff to socialize and engage with one another.

Parent volunteers are encouraged to help us plan these events each year. Visit our Parents page for more information on how to get involved. 

FIS community members parade through campus with colorful flags

Worldfest: There are few events that so vibrantly capture the essence of our multi-cultural community better than Worldfest on the Oberursel campus. 

FIS Board member listens to a student at a booth during Applefest

Applefest: Held in the fall each year on the Oberursel campus, this family event is one of the main fundraisers for Upper School service organizations, and is a great time for families to meet and mingle. Food and drinks are sold by the various service groups, and games are provided for the younger students. 

Community members prepare treats during the FISW International Festival

FISW International Festival: On our Wiesbaden campus, the community celebrates the many nationalities that make up FISW during its fall International Fest. 

Smiling FISW faculty, staff and parents during a welcome BBQ event

Welcome BBQs: New families are welcomed to our campuses and returning families catch up after the summer break, during Welcome (Back) BBQs at the start of each school year. 


Our extensive Performing Arts program begins with our youngest learners and continues all the way through to the Upper School. Music, art, dance and drama classes offer a range of opportunities from beginners interested in exploring new creative outlets to experienced performers looking to hone their craft. 

Throughout the year, these artist perform in a number of performances open to the entire FIS community. 

Students singing in choir.

FIS hosted the Middle School AMIS Choir Festival. 

Strings playing at church

The Upper School strings performs twice a year at various locations in the local community. Everyone is welcome to see these accomplished young musicians. 

Student dancing at performance
Students after one of the performances

Grade 11 and 12 students showcase highlights of their IB Music Performance and Composition work.

Special Events and Presentations

Throughout the year, we host a variety of events for the community to explore new areas of interest. In the past we have held science symposiums, author discussions, career days, TEDx Talks, and forums for IB students to present their research and feature their creative arts. 

Students speaking at TEDx.

In 2019, FIS hosted its first-ever TEDx conference. Eight student presenters worked for two years to make this happen. Students presented their 'ideas worth sharing' ranging from women in STEM and the future of transportation to life as a third culture kid and how vaccines work. 

AI Symposium panel

In 2019, students and parents were given an opportunity to learn more about the world of Artificial Intelligence through a series of events. 

Students presenting their science projects

IB Students present their research in a poster session for faculty and parents. Poster session topics ranged from work with our new 3D microscope to a physics exploration into helicopter blade efficiency. 

Students viewing art work

Learn and Connect Through Our Events