The college application process is both challenging and exciting, and requires good preparation. While formal college guidance officially begins in Grade 11, students begin the process in Grade 9 with regular academic and career guidance. As an international school, we are fully aware of the varying needs of students applying to different countries and are able to ensure their college preparation is best suited to their individual goals.

In addition to one-to-one guidance sessions with counselors, students have access to numerous college-planning resources. FIS hosts visits from North American, Asian and European colleges, as well as a CIS college Fair, where both American and European institutions are represented. Each year a separate British University Fair is held on our campus and all College Open Days, prospectuses and scholarship information are widely publicized. Along with the school's hosted events, the Upper School Library has a wealth of college guidance books and information sources.

We are proud of the varied college destinations our graduates choose, which include some of the top universities and colleges in North America, Great Britain, mainland Europe, Japan and Korea.

Please see our School Profile for a list of our students' university acceptances.