Academic & University Planning

Grade 9
Counselors meet with students individually to plan course choices for the remainder of their high school education. Students are asked to think about their strengths and weaknesses, both in and out of the classroom, and how that translates into academic interests.

At this stage, students should begin thinking about their future goals. It is important to establish strong study habits since North American universities, for example, will look closely at students' academic records from Grade 9 onwards. 

Grade 10
Counselors meet with students to focus on academic goals and post-graduation plans. Activities are held for career exploration. In the spring of Grade 10, IB course recommendations are made based on academic performance and goals.

Grade 10 students and their parents are encouraged to attend relevant university information evenings and presentations held by visiting colleges throughout the year. Grade 10 students are introduced to Family Connection, a college and career information website which students have access to until they graduate. Students applying to colleges and universities in North America should begin reviewing for the SAT and/or ACT in the spring/summer before Grade 11.

Grades 11-12
Counselors work with students and parents to support their academic goals and university applications. One counselor is dedicated to working with students applying to universities in North America and Asia, and another is dedicated to students applying to universities in Europe. 

Parent information evenings are held at different times during the year to address the university admissions process for North America, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Students are encouraged to meet with visiting university representatives throughout the year – parents are welcome, too. Students should begin preparing and registering for SAT and/or ACT in Grade 11 and if necessary, in the fall of Grade 12.