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a place enriched by diversity

Vibrant flag parade through the Oberursel Campus

A vibrant flag parade through the Oberursel Campus

Our community – students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni – is at the heart of Frankfurt International School. The richness of our school is grounded in the way we actively involve everyone at FIS in our learning community. When we accept a new application to the school, we know we are not only accepting the student but are inviting the entire family to be part of the fabric of FIS. That is why our Mission Statement has been written deliberately, committing us to being a “family-oriented” school.

Opportunities at FIS extend beyond the rich and diverse learning experiences in our classrooms. We offer countless opportunities for personal enrichment beyond the school day for both students and parents. This includes after-school sport programs, involvement in performing arts, extended language studies, student and family trips beyond Germany, and an array of other opportunities to ignite a passion for learning and growth.

Our commitment also extends beyond graduation, with annual alumni gatherings offered on campus and in other parts of the world. FIS embraces all of its community members as one family, creating bonds that last a lifetime.


From the 1,800 students and their families, to our more than 300 faculty and staff, and over 3,000 alumni connections, we consider everyone to be part of the FIS family.