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a place to be inspired

Boy performing on the stage

Over 1,800 students from 60 different nationalities, call Frankfurt International School their home. For many, they may spend their whole academic career on the Oberusel and/or Wiesbaden campuses, but we are also home for students of the expat families who pass through Frankfurt. Each year, we welcome approximately 20–30% new students to our hallways and playgrounds. 

At any grade level, students can discover a wealth of opportunities to pursue passions or explore new possibilities, whether it's taking center stage, joining a new sports team, building a robot, or creating a masterpiece. Our Upper School (Grades 6–12) boasts approximately 50 different student organizations or service groups, 11 sports teams, and 50 volunteer opportunities a year. 

We are experienced in welcoming new families, as well as helping those who are local to the area, establish themselves and build a strong academic career. 

There are so many opportunities that FIS provides. My most positive experience at FIS was creating the FIS Science and Technology Commission with my fellow students who were interested in promoting science in our school. This perfectly demonstrates “World of Opportunities” and shows how the school supports creating clubs to allow students' to share their experiences and passions. 


Grade 10 Student

Student by the playground

I believe the community at FIS is very strong and its diversity allows special bonds to be created between students of different nationalities. My tip for new students is to not be afraid to talk to people. Making connections and friends will bring you the farthest in this school and help you feel comfortable. Some of my favorite activities include special cake decorating classes and the various sports offered. It allows you to broaden your interests in different areas of skills.


Grade 9 Student

High School student standing by the fields

Something for Everyone