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In 1961, a group of six expatriate families joined together to start what is now one of Europe's most respected international schools. If you are looking for a school where students relish the process of learning and strive to achieve the highest levels in all academic, artistic, athletic and service endeavors, we invite your family to join us at Frankfurt International School for a journey of growth and exploration. 

What makes one school stand out from all others? Caring and competent graduates who strive to make the world a better place? Strong bonds among its diverse students and families? Or exceptional facilities and the ability to anticipate future learning trends? At Frankfurt International School, we believe the answer is all of the above. We are one of the oldest international schools in Europe and a founding IB school, yet our strength lies not in the past but in the future created for our students. 

FIS Graduate wearing cap and gown raises arms in cheer position


Join Our World-Class Family 

Celebrating 60 years of being Europe's leading culturally-diverse, family-oriented, and internationally-minded IB World School. 

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Top 10 Reasons to Consider FIS

#10.  endless opportunities to learn outside the classroom

Students have countless options to participate in arts, athletics, language learning, and service and leadership while at FIS. Faculty and staff forge lasting relationships and build solid networks through coaching or participating in after school activities. 

Basketball coach with middle school boys

#9.  IT's a place Where family and school meet

Student success isn't just connected to what happens in the classroom and through activities, it's also supported by our extended FIS family. We are truly a family-oriented school where parents and community are warmly embraced and valued. 


Family at the BBQ

#8.  explore nature from both campuses

The Oberursel Campus sits at the base of the Taunus Mountains and is completely surrounded by forest. Our Wiesbaden Campus is nestled in the countryside and is a short walk to the nearby woods and horse stables. Both campuses are a short distance from the Frankfurt city center. 


Kids playing on a tree

#7.  live and work in the heart of europe

While working at a world-class school, Frankfurt provides possibilities for extensive travel throughout Europe – all while gaining professional development and career growth. 


Frankfurt skyline

#6.  experience with welcoming new families

Transitioning to a new school or job can be challenging. From the first day, FIS provides a welcoming place where faculty, students and their families will quickly feel at home.

Father and son at FISW

#5.  extensive bus fleet for school transportation  

FIS boasts the largest private school bus system in Germany, contracting with local bus companies to service over 50 different bus routes for students on the Oberursel and Wiesbaden campuses.


Bus Fleet

#4.  connect with others from around the world 

FIS families represent more than 60 nationalities, allowing members of the school community to celebrate cultural diversity and form friendships with others from around the world.

Boy with Japanese Flag

#3.  ATTEND or teach at ONE of the founding Ib schools 

FIS was one of the founding schools for the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in the 1960s. Our school has been offering the IB diploma for over 50 years and 90% of our students pursue the IB Diploma. 

Girl studying in school

#2.  committed to faculty professional development

FIS is committed to supporting ongoing professional development for faculty and staff. In addition to hosting experts in the field of education for on-site trainings, the school also supports faculty and staff in taking advantage of conferences around the globe. 

Teachers in Training

#1.  continually improving our campus facilities

FIS recently transformed the Wiesbaden campus with a brand new library and state-of-the-art creative arts building to allow for more collaborative and creative learning for all students on campus. The new building includes music rooms and art spaces for visual and digital projects, as well as a black box theater. 

New library