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Tuition & Fees

For students who start in August, all tuition and fees are paid in advance. For those students starting during the school year, all tuition and fees should be paid within four weeks after receiving the invoice. Past due accounts are charged with a late fee after this date. Other payment schedules can be arranged.

Grade Level cost

First Steps, Pre-Primary, Primary (half-day option also available for First Steps)


Grades 1–4


Grade 5


Grades 6–8


Grades 9–10


Grades 11–12


Re-enrollment Fee*


Capital Assessment Fee (Year 1 and 2 for new students Pre-Primary and up)*


New Student Registration Fee and Down Payment* €1,000

Further Information

Extra Costs (Potential)

Contact our Admissions Office

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Director of Admissions and Advancement
Alec Aspinwall

Admissions Assistant
Patricia Dange

Admissions Information