Application Process

Our Admissions office recognizes that applying to a new school can be a daunting process, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way as you explore the possibility of joining our community.

Admission to FIS can be highly competitive due to the large number of families applying each year. Ideally, applications should be submitted soon after 1 January, prior to the beginning of a new school year. We accept applications throughout the school year, but an earlier application, along with a strong educational background, will increase the chances of being able to accommodate your family’s needs. Some applicants may need to wait a year or longer in order to gain admission to the school. Please review our General Student Application Information to better understand our priority system for admission and waiting lists.

The FIS school year begins in mid August and ends in mid to late June. Students who apply to begin in August from countries with a different school calendar, such as Korea or Japan, generally continue in the grade in which they are currently enrolled. If these same applicants wish to begin in the middle of a school year, placement will be based on the grade they have most recently completed at their previous school.

Start the Process

To apply for admission, please complete our online application. When completing the online admission process, you will also be required to upload the following documents:

  • Copy of student passport or birth certificate
  • Completed FIS Student Medical Record with immunization history
  • School transcripts and records for the past two years (in English)
  • One passport-sized photograph of the student
  • Student Recommendation, completed by current teacher for Grade 1-12 applicants
  • Standardized testing results, if available
  • Psycho-Educational report, if applicable

Age Requirements for Primary School students

FIS has firm age requirements for those applying to our First Steps through Grade 1 program.

  • First Steps: Student must be three years old before 1 September of that school year.
  • Pre-Primary: Student must be four years old before 1 September of that school year.
  • Primary: Student must be five years old before 1 September of that school year.
  • Grade 1: Student must have turned six before 1 September of that school year.

Learning Support and Special Needs

FIS has limited resources for students with special needs and, by policy, can only assist students with mild disabilities.

To learn whether your child qualifies for learning support – and if space is available – please submit an early application along with a recent psycho-education evaluation and other documents related to the student’s special needs and services.

If your child has any special medical, support or testing needs, it is important that you share this information on the application.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

If your child is in need of extra English support, FIS accepts beginning English speakers through Grade 8.

Beginning in Grade 9, FIS requires an intermediate level of English skills and offers an ESL placement test to assess a student’s English proficiency.

Corporate Partnership Program

FIS has a Corporate Partnership Program with a select number of companies and diplomatic missions that share its vision of providing a world-class education in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. These entities often support the school by offering advisory support on critical issues, extending internship opportunities to students, and providing speakers for FIS Career Day and other special events.

The minimum period for an FIS Partnership is four years, although most Partners choose to extend well beyond this period. Each Partner also makes an annual investment in the school and is granted a limited number spaces to admit families within their organization, with the understanding that these applicants must have an early application and meet the FIS admission standards.

The Corporate Partnership Program is not managed by the admissions office, but companies and diplomatic missions can make inquiries directly to the Head of School's office. For more information, please contact Dr. Paul Fochtman at

Important Information for Students With German Passports

Our school's status as a supplementary school (Ergänzungschule) offering the IB Diploma Programme has certain consequences for students holding only a German passport.

Please read the Merkblatt für deutsche Familien for this important information.

German students also need a special permit to attend FIS and must submit a form (Ausnahmegenehmigungsantrag) that requests authorization from their local school office (Schulamt) for their child to enroll at FIS.

For more information about the special permit, please read the Information über die Ausnahmegenehmigung.

This sheet, as well as the special permit application form and the list of local school offices, can be downloaded here or requested by contacting the school’s admission office.

Current FIS/FISW Student Intra-School Transfer

If you have a current Grade 1-8 FIS/FISW student and would like to transfer from one FIS campus to another, please submit this form with a signature from your division principal. Please understand that such transfers may only happen at the end of a given school year.

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