Primary School Counseling

The goal of the Primary School's counselors is to support your child emotionally and socially in all aspects of the school environment. At the Primary School, counselors see students individually, in small groups, in the classroom and in informal settings like the playground and cafeteria.

Counselors assist students with issues such as:

  • Joining/Leaving the school
  • Self-esteem and friendship skills
  • Anger and stress management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Social issues like bullying
  • Traumatic events (divorce or a death in the family)

In addition to helping your child in the school environment, counselors are also available to address parental concerns including:

  • Settling in and/or moving homes
  • Positive discipline strategies
  • Homework strategies
  • Behavioral issues Individual meetings can be set up with counselors and periodic parenting talks are also offered throughout the school year.

At FIS counselors advocate on your child’s behalf and can assist in referrals to outside resources including educational physicians, occupational therapists, and psychologists and psychiatrists.

We have a number of parenting resources available for checkout to our school community in both the Primary and Elementary School libraries, as well as in our Counseling offices.

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