Beginning Band TrombonePerforming Arts

In addition to music classes, which are included as part of the regular curriculum in Grades 2-5, the Elementary School also offers a number of extra-curricular performing arts opportunities.


Grade 5 students have the option of joining the Beginners' Band program where they may learn an instrument such as the flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet or trombone.


Students in Grades 2-5 all have the opportunity to sing. Grade 3-5 students can sing in choir all year, and Grade 2 students may join the choir in January. The Elementary School Choir performs both a Winter and a Spring concert.


Starting as early as Grade 2, students are encouraged to join a beginning strings class where they can learn the cello, violin, double bass or viola.

Intermediate Strings

After one year of class instruction, students can continue learning their instruments privately, but can also join the Intermediate Strings to develop ensemble playing skills. Playing together as soon as possible is the best way to encourage students to continue progressing on their instrument. The Intermediate Strings group performs at the Elementary Choir Concert in December and the Spring strings concert in June.

Junior Orchestra

The Junior Orchestra is a more advanced string group where Elementary students have already gained experience playing with others. Students in this group work on more challenging pieces in 3 or 4 parts (such as divided violin parts). The Junior Orchestra also performs at the Elementary Choir concert in December and the Spring Strings concert in June.

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