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The Frankfurt International School Herald (FISH) Goes Digital
Posted 08/12/2016 15:26

Frankfurt International School’s Upper School newspaper – The Herald, or FISH as it’s known to students – went live on Monday, 5 December with a new digital format to share news with the FIS community and the world beyond. “Taking the FISH online is so exciting as it finally enables the FISH to catch up with us students," said the newspaper's Editor-in-Chief, Helen Weber. "Everything nowadays is online – the FISH is now, too."

The online edition features a smattering of stories from world news to entertainment to sports and opinion, and reflects a broad cross section of submissions from Grade 6-12 students. There are some fun features, too, including a current poll asking students which Upper School administrator they would like to see dressed up like Santa on the last day of school in 2016.

In addition to faculty advisors, a student editor-in-chief and seven sub-editors have been appointed to ensure the online publication reflects the long-standing journalistic qualities of The FISH. FIS teacher and FISH Advisor Michael McDowell said, “I’m hoping the new format will inspire others to contribute to our new platform. After all, one of the aims of going digital was to provide more journalistic opportunities and I think that we have successfully accomplished this so far.” 

To read the first digital edition of The FISH, please visit

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