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Student tutors share knowledge with their peers
Posted 24/01/2017 15:14

The academic strengths and interests within FIS’s Upper School are as diverse as its student body. And now, Grade 6-10 students hoping to bring up a test score, submit a better essay, or just grasp a math concept a little bit better can tap into those talents through the Peer Tutoring Network.

The initiative is the brainchild of Grade 11 student Jasmin, who realized FIS was lacking a system to facilitate tutoring sessions among peers. "I thought it would be beneficial to provide easier access to flexible and informal tutoring sessions to encourage effective learning methods," she said.

Within the new network, Grade 6-10 students can set up appointments with qualified Upper School student tutors for help in a variety of subjects. Tutoring sessions can be a one-time meeting, or scheduled regularly. "I love being able to pass on the knowledge and tips I have gained over the years and see them make a difference in others’ academic lives," said one of the student tutors.

The program is off to a relatively strong start and in the three weeks since its introduction more than a dozen students have signed up for sessions. Feedback from students taking advantage of the new network has been positive, too. "I like learning in a casual environment, because it takes the pressure off of me and I am not afraid to ask questions," said one student. "I like being able to schedule my own hours and find a tutor according to my schedule," another added.

Student tutors are still trying to spread awareness and encourage students to use the program but all early indications are that the program will continue to grow. Students can access guidelines for the program and instructions on how to contact a Peer Tutor via the school's virtual learning environment, Haiku.

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