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Entire FIS community benefits from special guest speaker
Posted 12/10/2017 21:00

A whirlwind, three-day visit by psychologist and child development and parenting expert, Michael Thompson, started off with a bang on Wednesday, 11 October with a dynamic presentation: "Raising a Responsible Child." The session included personal and clinical experiences with research on the outcomes of different parenting styles, but also incorporated experiences from audience members. The informative, engaging – and humorous – presentation was just the first of nearly a dozen that Dr. Thompson gave to groups of parents, faculty and staff, and students.

Dr. Thompson, who is also an author and renowned speaker – both within independent and international schools, and to wider audiences – shared his expertise during a series of back-to-back presentations that included topics on friendships and school pressure to parenting, with titles like "Best Friends, Worst Enemies" and "College Craziness." His keynote presentation to parents by the same title as one of his best-selling books, "It's a Boy," addressed the worries that parents of boys have from infancy through high school, shedding some light on which behaviors are normal versus those that could be worrisome.

His visit ends on Friday with a special dads-only breakfast session (complete with scrambled eggs and bacon) where the session will focus on "The Importance of Fathers in a Child's Life."

Many thanks go to Frankfurt International School's counseling department, which organized Dr. Thompson's visit, and to Dr. Thompson himself for leaving hundreds of the school's community with tips and tools for navigating the intricacies both of being a child – and of raising one.


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