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Young delegates shine during Junior MUN Conference
Posted 26/03/2019 11:12

In mid-March, more than 80 FIS and FISW students in Grades 4 and 5 – including special guests from the John F. Kennedy School Berlin – gathered in the FIS Auditorium for a two-day Junior Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. Consul General Ms. Pratibha Parka of the Consulate General of India, provided the keynote address at the conference where she spoke about the important role of the UN in tackling global issues.

Prior to the conference, Upper School MUN students held five training sessions to prepare the younger students. The sessions helped participants to understand the issues to be presented and policies of the countries they would be representing. Students were also guided through the process of writing policy statements, clauses and amendments, and learned MUN procedures, including how to lobby, submit an amendment, and motions and points.

For this year's conference, students joined one of four committees connected to the theme of “Moving Toward a Sustainable Future”. The theme aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations and gave participants an opportunity to learn about global issues as well as develop innovative and thoughtful solutions and proposals. 

This year’s issues were as follows:

  • Environmental Committee 1: Decreasing plastic waste disposal in oceans
  • Environmental Committee 2: Implementing measures to tackle deforestation in South America
  • Human Rights Council: Ensuring access to primary education in low economically developed countries (LEDC’s)
  • Committee on Sustainable Development: Measures to increase the availability of water and sanitation in LEDC's

Congratulations to all of the talented and dedicated students who participated. They did an amazing job as delegates from around the world and we look forward to seeing many of them again next year!

To watch a short video recap of the event, click here.

Story contribution by Dawn Darling
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