Food Services

Since 2008, FIS has partnered with ARAMARK to provide students, faculty, staff, parents and visitors with healthy, delicious food. Our cafeterias offer daily vegetarian dishes, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables – and fewer sugary snacks and drinks.

Cashless Payment System

On the Oberursel Campus, Grade 2-12 students use a cashless payment system. Because it is much faster to swipe a card than handle individual cash transactions, the cashless system helps ensure students have ample time to enjoy their food. All Oberursel Campus Elementary and Upper School students must have an electronic ID card to purchase food as cash is not accepted.

Oberursel Campus Primary Students

Students at the FIS Primary School order their lunch daily at school and use lunch tickets rather than the cashless payment system.

Wiesbaden Campus Students

Students on our Wiesbaden Campus use an online ordering system rather than the cashless payment system.

For more detailed information on the cashless payment system and ordering lunches in the Primary School and on the Wiesbaden Campus, please see the FAQs below.

Why is the Oberursel Campus cafeteria cashless?

The cashless system provides increased efficiency in the cafeteria as it is much faster to swipe a card than handle individual cash transactions.

Do students in the Primary School use an FIS ID Card to make purchases?

No. Primary School students use lunch tickets, which can be purchased in the Primary School Cafeteria from 8:15-9:30 every school day.

Where do I find the menu plan for each campus?

Lunch menus for the Oberursel Campus (Primary, Elementary and Upper Schools) are available on ARAMARK's website.

Lunch menus for the Wiesbaden Campus are available to download here.

Menus for all campuses can be found within the "Quick Links" tab at the top the school's website homepage.

Aramark also now offers an App for Android and Apple devices. To install the App, please visit either of the links below:

The App location code for FIS is: F614S

How do I register my child for lunch on the Wiesbaden Campus?

FISW has a new lunch catering service as of the school year 2020-21.

The ordering system is via an online form, which will be emailed directly to FISW parents every week. Orders must be placed by Tuesdays each week and families will be invoiced at the end of the month for meals ordered.

The cost of lunch at FISW is:

  • First Steps to Grade 5 = €5
  • Grades 6-8 and faculty/staff = €5.50

If you have questions about the new lunch service provider or ordering, please contact the FISW Office at +49 (0) 6127-9940-0.

How much does lunch cost?

Lunch prices vary between campus and age groups.

At the Oberursel Campus Primary School, all lunches are €4,20 for lunch; extra milk tickets are €0,70 each.

For Grade 2-12 students on the Oberursel Campus, prices are:

  • Grades 2-3: €4.40 (includes milk and yogurt)
  • Grades 4-12, Menu 1 and 2: €4.20 (with choice of milk, dessert or soup).
  • Grades 4-12, Front Cooking: €6.50

Sides, soups and dessert can also be purchased.

On our Wiesbaden Campus, prices are:

  • First Steps to Grade 5 = €5
  • Grades 6-8 and faculty/staff = €5.50

How do I add funds to an FIS ID card?

Funds can be added to any ID card via bank transfer, or by using the cash machine inside the Oberursel Campus cafeteria. To add funds via bank transfer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the FIS Lunch Payment System with your school-issued username and password. (If you need help with your login credentials, please contact
  2. Upon login, select the "Payment Details" link at the top of the page. There you will find steps for adding funds to your an ID card, plus account details to include with your bank transfer. Please allow 2-3 days for bank transfers to deposit funds to FIS ID cards.
  3. If you would like for an email to be sent to you when ID card balances fall below a certain amount, select the "Automatic notifications" link, enter a numeric value, and then click "Enable notification."

Adding Funds with the On-campus Cash Machine
To add funds using the on-campus cash machine, please visit the Oberursel Campus cafeteria and follow the steps outlined on the machine. A minimum of €5 is required. The machine only accepts paper bills (5, 10, 20 and 50 Euro).

How do I get a refund for credit on an ID Card?

If you leave FIS or need to cancel an ID Card, please complete the Refund Request Form below and the school will deposit any remaining funds into your bank account.

Download the FIS Lunch ID Refund Request Form

Can I monitor the purchases my child is making with the ID card?

Yes. To see the purchase history on individual ID cards, login here and then select the "Purchase History" link from the top of the page.

You will need to select the card holder's name from the drop-down on the upper right hand side of the page to see the purchase history for each individual.

How do I know when my child's ID card needs more credit?

Our cashless system allows you to receive an email notification when you or your child’s account falls below a certain balance. This feature is entirely optional and is intended to ensure that there is always enough money in the account for your child to buy lunch. To set up the email notification system, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the FIS Lunch Payment System with your school-issued username and password.
  2. Select the "Payment Details" tab and then "Automatic notification."
  3. Enter a minimum balance and then select "Enable Notification."

What if my child forgets his or her FIS ID card?

Elementary School students can sign their name on a sheet at the register and the following day the ID card will be charged for the outstanding balance.

What if my child loses his or her FIS ID card?

If an ID card is lost, the family must cancel the account immediately by contacting the Tech Deck at or (0)6171-2024-300. The Tech Deck will print a new ID card and the balance will be shifted to the new card. The fee for replacing an ID card is € 5, and can be paid at the Tech Deck.

Can parents or guests buy items in the cafeteria?

Parents can use their individual FIS ID card for purchases in the cafeteria and can add credit to cards at the cash machine in the cafeteria or via bank transfer. Guests may pay cash for purchases at the till.

Can you explain the pricing and menu choices for the different grade level?

Water is always offered for free to all students with their meal. Juice is not included in the menu because it no longer complies with the standards for a nutritious meal. Instead, fresh fruit and/or vegetables is offered with the meal.

Primary School Students: One menu, including milk and a dessert €4,20 (fixed price)

Grade 2–3 Students: “Menu 1” or “Menu 2” (vegetarian), including milk and a dessert

  • For each menu, students can choose up to two out of four different side dishes.

Grades 4–12 Students: "Menu 1" or "Menu 2" including milk OR a soup OR a dessert

  • For each menu, students can choose up to two out of four different side dishes.

General Pricing

Half portion of "Menu 1" or "Menu 2" without milk or soup or dessert: €3,00

Small/large salad from the salad bar: €2,20/€4,20

"Front Cooking" dish prepared fresh at the counter without soup or dessert €5,50 up to €6,50 (price varies each day)

The cafeteria also offers a broad selection of sandwiches, yogurts and drinks; prices vary.

Does Aramark use any additives when cooking at FIS? Are the recipes nut-free?

As a company ARAMARK has established an MSG-free (monosodium glutamate-free) policy and avoids other additives as much as possible.

If additives are used in a meal, they are declared in the menu plan. Cooked meals are nut-free.

What if I have concerns regarding the food service offered at FIS?

Your concerns and suggestions are welcome. Please visit the food services manager's office, which is located in the hallway just outside the cafeteria in Room 154, or send an email to

Can ARAMARK provide catering for events outside of the normal lunch schedule?

Yes. Please visit the food services manager's office to obtain a quote for catering. You can also email or call 06171-2024-154.

Cafeteria Info

Lunch Menus

Wondering what's for lunch today? See the links below for menus.

Cafeteria Hours

The Oberursel Campus cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch and is open daily (Monday-Friday) from 8:00-9:30 and 11:30-13:30. Snacks are also available for purchase in the cafeteria after school from 15:00-15:20.

Lunch Payment System

Oberursel Campus: To add funds to an ID card, view purchase history and more, please login to the FIS Online Lunch Payment system here.

Lunch Menus App

Install Aramark's App for Oberursel Campus lunch services information at your fingertips.

Install App for iOS or Android devices.

FIS Location code is: F614S

ID Card Refund Form

If you are leaving FIS or need to cancel your ID Card, please complete this form to receive a refund.

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