Visual Arts

Visual Arts at FIS is both a tradition and a philosophy. In any given week, more than 500 students move through the three Upper School art studios, painting, sculpting, printing and drawing. We believe it is imperative that our students develop the creative, intellectual and practical skills necessary to express themselves visually, to understand the visual world in which they live – and to appreciate the cultural diversity of humankind.

Our students learn about art through the examination of artistic production from various cultures and periods of history, by visiting different cultural centers and by meeting artists. They learn by creating art by experiencing the creative process in all its many forms of planning and execution. The comprehensive range of art experiences students have throughout their years at FIS includes:

  • Drawing
  • Printing
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles
  • Ceramics
  • Photography
  • Digital Film and Video
  • Technology-aided Design

The success of our graduating art students illustrates the high level of expectation and training; FIS graduates have gone on to attend some of the finest art schools in the world including, the Rhode Island School of Design, Parsons School of Design (New York City), the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and the Hong-Ik School of Art in Seoul, Korea.

IB Visual Arts

For students who are seriously interested in visual arts, FIS offers demanding courses at the IB level. The IB Visual Arts course stresses practice in the use of various media, the acquisition of techniques, the mature development of creative ideas, and the ability to relate to all form of art in their many social, cultural and historical contexts. The course has specific criteria set for both studio work and an "investigation workbook".

In its first year, the course is teacher-directed. During the second year, the course evolves into more student-initiated and student-guided study, and teachers serve more as objective guides for the student as they progress through exploration and experimentation of themes and use of various media.

The IB Diploma work in Visual Arts culminates in the Diploma Level Art Exhibition and final exam/interview with an external examiner. Results are consistently above the world average and our graduates' acceptances and scholarships at some of the world's best art schools is a testament to the rigor and breadth of the Visual Arts program at FIS.

Arts Facilties

Arts facilities at FIS have been purpose-built to provide the best learning environment for students of the arts.

Creative spaces within the Arts, Science and Technology wing include:

  • Sky-lit art studios (104 qm), which have floor to ceiling windows and doors, and are equipped with fume hoods and spray booths, movable wall panels for displays, blackout screens, and storage shelves for work in progress
  • Fire-proofed kiln room and clay storage area
  • Distinct, sky-lit exhibition area (36 qm) for regular rotating art exhibits
  • Film/media lab for film students

Art Website
The Upper School Art Department hosts an exclusive website for Visual Arts, which serves as a storehouse of past efforts – and as a resource for IB Middle Years and Diploma level programs all over the world.

Visit the Visual Arts website.

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