Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions by families of FIS athletes. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please contact a member of the Athletics Department.

How can I find out when and where my child's team is playing?

Game schedules are posted on the Athletics Calendar, as well as schedules by specific teams. Both schedule types can be found along the left-hand rail of this page.

How do we get travel information for sport trips?

Trip Information sheets are found on the Athletics page under Trip Information (You must be logged on in order to see the Trip Info forms.) A list of trips and estimated cost for an entire season will also be found on the Forms and Information page.

How do we pay for sports trips?

Sports trips may be paid in cash at the FIS Bookstore or by bank transfer. Further details are provided on the trip information sheet that is sent to parents for each trip by the Athletic Department.

Why is hosting visiting athletes required if my child plays on an FIS team?

Hosting visiting athletes is an integral part of the FIS Athletic program and is a reciprocal arrangement with all of the schools against whom we compete. It is the backbone of the ISST organization.

Under ISST regulations, all participating athletes must be housed by the host school's families. Providing accommodation and meals with host families substantially reduces the costs to the visiting athlete and makes participation possible.

Please refer to sec. 29.0 of the FIS Athletic Handbook as well as the Housing and Concession Stand Obligation form that is distributed when students are selected to teams.

What do we do if we are not able to fulfill our housing obligation for the coming weekend?

If for any reason you are not able to host students on a particular weekend, please refer to these guidelines:

1. If the housing list for a particular weekend has been distributed, it is your responsibility to FIRST arrange for a trade of hosting date with a family listed as "On-Call" for your child's team. Then please inform Frances Dielmann, Athletic Dept Admin. Asst. of the new arrangement for the visiting players. She will make the change on the final housing list on the day the visiting team arrives. (Please refer to the Housing and Concession Obligation form that is distributed when students are selected to teams.)

2. If during the season, you need to change the weekends you have signed up for, please email Frances Dielmann as soon as possible. The Athletic Department will endeavor to balance the housing assignments as equitably as possible. Your careful attention to the sign-up sheet at the beginning of the season and prompt communication of any need for changes will enable the assignment process to run much more smoothly.

Can a Grade 7 or 8 student play on a Varsity or Junior Varsity team?

In some sports, especially those for which FIS does not offer Grade 6-8 teams in the same season, Grade 7 or 8 Students who are age 13 on or before given dates of the school year may try out for Varsity or JV teams.

Specifically, students may try out for Varsity and JV teams in:

  • Volleyball if they are age 13 on or before 1 September,
  • Swimming if they are 13 on or before 1 December,
  • Softball, Baseball, Golf and Tennis if they are 13 on or before 1 March.

Rugby has special rules that can be found in the Athletic Handbook.

How does a student get a team uniform?

Uniforms are purchased by the Athletic Department with some assistance from the Athletic Booster Club. Uniforms are issued by the coach of each team. The player is responsible for returning all parts of the uniform clean and in good condition to the coach at the end of the season. Some personal items such as socks can be purchased at the FIS bookstore and remain the property of the player.

What do I do with my laptop, phone and other valuables during practice and games?

Valuables may NOT be left out or in bags in the changing rooms during practices or games. All valuables should be locked away in the student's regular locker or in the lockers provided in the changing rooms. The sport lockers are large enough to fit laptops. These lockers take 1 Euro coins or chips of the same size. The keys to these lockers should NOT be left in the changing rooms.
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