Wiesbaden Campus Library

Set in a light-filled open area on the school's second floor, the FISW Campus Library looks out over the surrounding valley and offers students and parents an inviting space in which to take in some of its 15,000 book titles from easy reader to parent reference, plus periodicals, recorded music, audio books, videos and DVDs. The Library is open throughout the school day and after school and serves students from First Steps to Grade 8.

Library Quick Facts
Librarian: Ms. Anna Rose +49 (0) 6127-9940-67
Library Assistant: Ms. Carol Koepsell
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:15-16:00; early closure on Wednesday, 15:15

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Borrowing Guidelines

Students may borrow materials for a period of two weeks and renew items up to two times. Student limits are as follows:

  • First Steps: One item (book) at a time
  • Pre-Primary-Grade 2: Two items (books or periodicals)
  • Grade 3-5: Four items (books, periodicals or Playaways)
  • Grade 6-8: 10 items

Parents are encouraged to check out up to 10 items for a period of two weeks; DVDs may only be borrowed for one week. Students and parents may request to save materials, but items will be held until Friday afternoon only; afterwards they will be re-shelved.

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*Note: in order to encourage students to read a variety of materials and to circulate popular items as fairly as possible we set the following limits:

  • One book from a series at a time
  • One Playaway at a time
  • No renewals of brand new items


Volunteers are the heart of our library program. They support learning by helping students find books and conduct research on computers, and assist with projects to help keep the library running smoothly. It is a great way to get involved with the school community so if you are interested, please contact the library.

Primary School
Alfred-Lechler-Str. 10
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-500
Elementary/Upper School
An der Waldlust 15
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-0
Wiesbaden Campus
Rudolf-Dietz-Str. 14
65207 Wiesbaden, Germany
+49 (0) 6127-9940-0
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