FISW Building Project

FISW provides young global learners in First Steps through Grade 8 with a nourishing and challenging international curriculum, paving the way for student success by implementing a holistic learning experience in English.

To increasingly support students with 21st-century skills, FISW is transforming its countryside world-class campus to include a new facility, and thereby allow for increased offerings in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). The new visual and performing arts center will provide more opportunities in music, drama, and art, creating dedicated space in the existing facility for activities such as science, design technology and digital arts.

FISW New Building Questions and Answers

When will the new facility be open for use?

Our goal is to have the new FISW facility open by early 2021.

How will the construction impact student learning at the school?

Improvements to the current building begin May 2020, which include expanding the library and media center. In order to do this, we will start by restricting the entrance. Because the majority of this work is planned during the summer, students should expect very little impact from the construction. In the meantime, the library will be temporarily relocated.

Completion of the new facility is expected to take approximately 15 months. While some work on the existing facility will be done in parallel with the new one, improvements including the design center, community space, and enrichment center will begin once the new building is completed.

Will the construction noise impact classroom learning?

We are working to keep noise disruption to a minimum within the current building. The most disruptive time will most likely be in May when the initial improvements are made to the foyer, library and tech deck. The majority of this takes place during the summer when school is not in session. Although there may be short periods when construction noise can be heard, the distance of the new building site from most classrooms should mostly prevent any interference with classes.

How will construction impact FIS buses and parent traffic?

The road in front of the school has been extended as the first step of the construction project. The buses will continue dropping off/picking up students in front of the school. Parents, faculty, and staff will share the larger parking lot area adjacent to the sports field. The small visitor parking will be occupied for construction.

Because parents will temporarily need to drop off/pick up where the faculty and staff park, it is highly encouraged for students to ride the bus to ensure safety and reduce traffic.

Where will parents visiting FIS park at the campus during the improvements?

Parents visiting school during the day will need to use the bigger parking lot (which is shared with faculty and staff) or park on the road.

What steps are being taken to ensure student safety during construction?

A perimeter fence will enclose the construction area and prevent student access. During student breaks and recess, adult supervision will ensure that students remain clear of the construction areas at all times.

Has the school taken steps to make the new facility environmentally friendly?

Yes. In addition to a Photovoltaic roof, fulfilling the energy saving law (EnEv 2014), the new building will include renewable energy such as heat pumps and rainwater collection for outdoor irrigation. Air conditioning will only be installed in required rooms such as server rooms.


FISW's new state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly facility will include:

  • 2 music classrooms, which transform into a large multi-purpose room
  • 3 practice music rooms
  • 2 smaller classrooms
  • Black box studio for drama and music performances
  • Visual arts studio space and classroom
  • Reception/security

In addition to the new building, the current FISW facility will also be refurbished to include:

  • Design technology and science labs
  • Open community cafe for family/middle school students
  • Multimedia studio
  • Additional hands-on space
  • Innovation hub and expanded tech deck / library
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