Past Projects

While many of FIS's service learning projects have a long history at the school, others are in existence for shorter periods of time and are "retired" as project leaders and group members graduate or move on to pursue other endeavors. Regardless of their length in service, they are worth mentioning for their impact on the individuals they served.

Vision for India

Years in Action: 2012-2016

Mission: Vision for India (VFI) was an initiative to raise awareness and funds for the educational needs and challenges faced by visually impaired students in the National Association for the Blind (NAB) in New Delhi, India.

About: As part of their efforts in raising awareness for VFI, students organized car washes, bake sales and a 5K community fun run in conjunction with the school's annual Worldfest celebration. On a global level, selected FIS students traveled to India to work directly with the children at NAB. As one student volunteer said, “They can’t see with their eyes, but they can feel so much with their hearts."

Students in Action

Some of the ways students' Service Learning comes to life is captured in the pages of our school's magazine, FIS World.

Kalahari Project

Vision for India

Alfred Delp Haus

Refugee House

Vision for India

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