REAL Activities Program Cancellation Policy

If you want/need to cancel your REAL course registration, please review the program's cancellation policy below and then complete this online cancellation request form.


Cancellation Policy:

When fewer than eight (8) participants register for a program, the Activities Director reserves the right to cancel the class for the term. Notice will be sent to all participants who have indicated interest in the class as early as possible so they may register for another class, if desired. Participants do not have the option of a trial class.

If a participant drops out of a class within two (2) weeks of the start, the course fee will be partly reimbursed. A 20€ cancellation fee is applied and the cost of the class(es) attended will be deducted from such reimbursement as well as any associated fees from materials used.

After two (2) weeks, no reimbursement will be given. The cancellation fee will be waived if a participant transfers to another activity within the REAL Program or cancels his/her course the Friday prior to the start of the REAL Term. A course cancellation form must be completed.

Should a class be cancelled, the participants will be contacted so alternative arrangements can be made. For last minute cancellations due to illness, emergency or weather, students in grade 5 and below will join Kids Club. There are no make up classes. When a participant misses a class, there will be no alternative lesson or reimbursement.

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