The FIS Foundation was established in March 2016 as a foundation (Stiftung) under German Civil Law (Bürgerliches Recht) possessing legal capacity. It is located in Oberursel, An der Waldlust 15, as a not-for-profit organization. The main purpose of the Foundation is to promote the mission of the Frankfurt International School (FIS) e.V., which is a separate not-for-profit association that serves the educational needs of students age 3 through Grade 12.

Foundation Objectives

The Foundation Board has engaged a professional investment firm, HQ Trust, to directly manage the endowment funds with a strategy to pursue investment vehicles that do not involve any undue risks but result in a steady income stream to help create new opportunities for future generations of FIS students.

The strategic objective is to grow the principal for the initial phase, after which time the first income distributions could be used. This is dependent on any changes that may occur in the financial sector. As other generous benefactors add to this endowment in years to come, it is sure to become a cornerstone of both financial stability and innovation for FIS.

FIS Foundation Board

The FIS Board of Trustees serves as the Supervisory Board of the FIS Foundation that elects the Foundation Executive Board, which represents the Foundation.

The FIS Foundation's Executive Board is made up of current parents and parent-alumni, pictured below. This group is charged with managing the Foundation with the intent of safeguarding the principal and eventually using income from investments to support the future needs and aspirations of the school. The work of the Foundation Executive Board is regularly reviewed by the FIS Board of Trustees.

FIS Foundation Board Members

Dr. Paul Fochtman

Dr. Constantin Loebus (Vice-Chair)

Christian Boehringer

Lucy Kinosian

Dr. Ernest Boles

James Dilworth

Nicolai von Engelhardt

Detlev Siebrecht


FIS Foundation
An der Waldlust 15
61440 Oberusel
Telefon +49 (0)6171 2024-0

Rechtsfähige Stiftung des bürgerlichen Rechts
Zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde: Regierungspräsidium Darmstadt
Steuernummer: 03/250/68286
Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand: Dr. Paul Fochtman, Vorsitzender, Dr. Constantin Loebus, Stv. Vorsitzender
Christian Boehringer, Dr. Ernest Boles, James Dilworth, Nicolai von Engelhardt, Detlev Siebrecht

Foundation Facts

In the fall of 2015, Frankfurt International School received an unexpected – and incredibly generous – bequest from the Stroth family estate.

The articles below, published in FIS World, highlight Drs. Rolf-Rüdiger and Hazel Stroth – and the legacy their gift will provide for the school for generations to come.

Primary School
Alfred-Lechler-Str. 10
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-500
Elementary/Upper School
An der Waldlust 15
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-0
Wiesbaden Campus
Rudolf-Dietz-Str. 14
65207 Wiesbaden, Germany
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