House Competitions

The House System at FIS involves a series of events and programs that introduce students to opportunities for vertical alignment of activities and integrated sharing across Grades 6-12. The intention is to allow older and younger students to work together on a range of activities and events in five key areas:


A festival that celebrates the unique nature of language and recognizes all nationalities and mother tongue languages at FIS

Writing Competition
A celebration of writing incorporating such events as the Writing Symposium

Rubik's Cube Challenge
Several events are linked to this and World Math Day. "Pi Day" is also an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of Mathematics.

Trivia Quiz
This event is an opportunity for the eclectic to shine.

Talent Show
Every year all houses compete in a creative afternoon of music interpretation. This can include any aspect of talent performances with the winning house invited to perform in front of the whole school.


Activity Day
A full day of sports and activities that allow competition between houses and displays individual ability

Basketball Competition
A lunchtime event pitting grade levels against each other


FIS takes great pride in its rich and diverse student population and community culture. Whether celebrating our cultural diversity or recognizing the individual qualities of our community members, the House System plays a role. Community events such as Applefest and Worldfest, as well as our International Meal, are all supported by the House System and form a significant part of the annual calendar. Each year we welcome new students from as many as 60 different national groups into our school and fully integrate them through a pastoral systems that includes multi-age levels House System alongside of the well-established grade-level (age appropriate) events and support structures.

Intellectual Challenge

The House System introduced the concept of Intellectual Challenge to give students an opportunity to develop skills in debate, public speaking, collaborative writing, coding, puzzle challenges and general knowledge. Houses go head to head in each of the challenge areas and combine their scores to work out which team of three has the right to hold the title of “Tourney” champions for the year. Competing teams must be a mix of ages and genders, and the overall aim is to move the Intellectual Challenge away from the curriculum and into some real-world problem solving situations.


Embedded within the FIS mission and community in general is the notion of helping others. The House System sees this as one of the five pillars in which each student should be authentically engaged. Each year, the aim is to see all students from Grade 6 – 11 involved in helping others within our school and local community. Houses adopt a theme that they get to explore for a few years where they might be helping the elderly, the homeless, the physically challenged or the environment and more. Students work with local community organizations in groups from as small as six to as large as 30 or more. Groups are made up of members from different ages that are all working together for the common good.

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