Admissions Decisions at FIS

Each year FIS has hundreds more applications than spaces available at the school. It is therefore necessary to place students on waiting lists at various grade levels. In general, the higher the grade level, the longer the waiting list, although there are some years when younger grades also have lengthy waiting lists.

When there is limited space at a grade level, an Admissions Committee may be convened to review the applications that have been submitted. FIS uses four categories to group its applicants. Families employed by one of the FIS Corporate Partners are in the first category, followed by expatriate children from abroad, German students from abroad, and those in a local school. Within these categories further weight is given to those with siblings admitted to the school, returning families, and children of FIS alumni. It is also helpful to have an early application date.

As the Admissions Committee reviews the applications, it considers whether a student and family is a fit for the school and its mission. A history of commitment to high academic achievement, as well as creative pursuits, such as visual or performing arts, is helpful. Students showing strong character attributes such as leadership, community service, and athletic involvement are also considered. As a family-oriented school, we also appreciate parents who have a history of involvement within the life of a school.

While our school would like to admit all of its applicants, it is important that each family also investigates other schools in the area. Even families formerly enrolled at FIS must understand that the current space limitations do not offer a guarantee of returning to the school. The FIS Admissions Office will of course provide any needed support in introducing a family on our waiting list to other English-speaking schools in the Frankfurt area.

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