Oberursel Campus Cafeteria Updates

Connected to our school's mission and strategic plan is an effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices – mentally, emotionally and physically. Recent changes in our cafeteria's offerings on the Oberursel Campus reflect this goal and are highlighted below.

Food-Themed Weeks

Themed weeks scheduled throughout the school year include delicious and exciting dishes from different regions of the world.

True Fruits Smoothies

"True Fruits" smoothies have been added to our refrigerated snack options.

Healthy Welcome Cups

New welcome cups, filled with quick and healthy snacks.

Homemade Calzone

We now offer homemade calzone made from wholemeal dough, filled with ham, fresh mushrooms and spicy tomato sauce.

Additional Items

More cold case options are now available including sandwiches with pastrami or grilled vegetables, humus bread or dried fruits.

Fresh Menu Icons

Ingredient icons on the menu plan have been renewed to ensure a better visualization.

Cafeteria Info

Lunch Menus

Wondering what's for lunch today? See the links below for menus.

Cafeteria Hours

The Oberursel Campus cafeteria serves breakfast and lunch and is open daily (Monday-Friday) from 8:00-9:30 and 11:30-13:30. Snacks are also available for purchase in the cafeteria after school from 15:00-15:20.

Lunch Payment System

Oberursel Campus: To add funds to an ID card, view purchase history and more, please login to the FIS Online Lunch Payment system here.

Wiesbaden Campus: For details on registering for / adding funds to FISW's Lunch Payment system click here.

Lunch Menus App

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FIS Location code is: F614S

ID Card Refund Form

If you are leaving FIS or need to cancel your ID Card, please complete this form to receive a refund.

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