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Keeping our Community Healthy: Coronavirus Protocol

(Updated 24 February 2020)

Due to the emergence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), Frankfurt International School has developed a protocol to help keep our community healthy.

We are asking that all parents, faculty and students who have recently travelled to a region where the government has quarantined that specific area to prevent the spread of the virus, or who have been in direct contact with a family member who has travelled to any such area, remain away from our campuses until they speak with our school nurse, Karen McEwan, ( about the possible need for a 14-day period away from FIS.

For example, if a spouse returned home from mainland China on 1 February, all members of that family should not come to FIS until 15 February, assuming no symptoms have arisen. This precaution is in line with the incubation period of the coronavirus and is in alignment with measures taken by other institutions.

Our janitorial team has added extra sanitizing measures to their cleaning routines and we have substantially increased hand-sanitizing stations throughout the school. Please support this effort by encouraging your students to use these stations.

Finally, FIS asks that everyone in our community please be extra vigilant in practicing good health habits both here at school and at home during this uncertain time. In particular, that means:

  • frequently washing or sanitizing your hands,
  • staying at home when you are feeling ill,
  • covering your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

Our school's policy is that a student should not come to school, if in the past 24 hours, he or she has been vomiting, had diarrhea, or a fever of 37.5 C or above.

The World Health Organization's (WHO) website is an excellent source of information during this time. It suggests that the main symptoms related to the coronavirus are fever, difficulty breathing, and severe chest congestion, which can be detected with an x-ray. We also welcome you to call any of our FIS nursing offices if you have questions we can address.

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