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Welcome to the Frankfurt International Elementary School! We are proud to be a leading international elementary school that focuses on supporting each of our approximately 450 students though excellence, opportunity and balance.

At the FIS Elementary School, you will find students and faculty from over 50 different countries. This rich and diverse culture is supported by the International Baccalaureate’s Primary Years Programme. Through this curriculum framework, we focus on developing the whole child. We pride ourselves in offering an academic experience that is challenging and differentiated, while ensuring that our students have unique opportunities and are encouraged to enjoy being kids! We are committed to helping our students grow to embody the 10 PYP Learner Profiles and become caring, communicators, inquirers, knowledgeable, balanced, open minded, principled, reflective, risk takers and thinkers. We believe that building good humans is an essential part of elementary school education.

Homeroom teachers and specialist teachers deliver the core subjects in a transdisciplinary way though our PYP Units of Inquiry. We are dedicated to facilitating inquiry-based learning and helping our students see connections between disciplines and concepts throughout the curriculum.

Our elementary school is one that values inclusiveness. Our ESL learners are supported by a dedicated team of ESL teachers. In addition to this, we have a talented Learning Support team that is experienced in supporting students in need of specialized instruction. We are also committed to differentiation across all levels and are mindful of providing enrichment opportunities for students who require an additional challenge.

In addition to being able to take advantage of our well-resourced classrooms, Library, Makerspace, Science Lab and facilities, we also provide a wide range of After School Activities in our REAL program. Our students also participate in our community through service programs like our Earth Rescue program.

At FIS, we know that student success is connected not only to what happens in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, but to family. In this spirit, we are a truly family-oriented school where parents and community are warmly embraced and valued. We invite you to visit FIS to learn more about what a truly special school we are!

Yours in Learning,

ES Principal Grace McCallum

Grace McCallum
Elementary School Principal

Photos and Video from the Elementary School

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