Wiesbaden Campus: First Steps - Grade 8

Welcome to our Wiesbaden Campus. Established in 1992, we remain a small, intimate family school with the shared vision of FIS – and a commitment that together we are more than the sum of our parts. An important part of FIS, we also maintain our own identity and build a strong sense of community.

Many of the Wiesbaden Campus faculty have been here since the school's inception and take great pride in its continued development and achievements. We enroll approximately 220 international students ages 3 to Grade 8, primarily from the Wiesbaden Rhein/Main region. Our students from First Steps – Grade 5 participate in the challenging and exciting Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (PYP), and follow FIS's rigorously-designed curriculum from Grades 6-8 to enable a smooth and successful transfer to our Upper School in Oberursel for Grades 9-12.

Our smaller campus provides a warm and personal atmosphere that allows us to create a supportive yet personally challenging environment where every student is known well, feels respected and is valued. We create an atmosphere where students feel safe and consequently learn best. Nothing pleases us more than watching our children learn over extended time, as they grow through their formative Primary, Elementary and Middle years with us. At FISW we are also able to accommodate a small number of students with specific learning disabilities as part of our inclusive, Additional Support Program. Such children enrich our diverse community. To learn more about whether our Additional Support Program might be a good fit for your child, please contact the admissions office.

FIS Wiesbaden occupies a spacious, purpose-built two-story campus, with superb views of the countryside. Our classrooms are bright and airy and include a well-equipped gymnasium, dance studio, music room, science lab, art/design studio, and an ever-growing library/media center. Our teachers and students are technically literate, and from the youngest ages our children use technology as an effective tool to learn and share their learning. Class sets of laptops are available for all grade levels, and students are assigned their own dedicated laptop in Grade 6 in preparation for owning their own personal laptop in Grades 7 and 8.

The Wiesbaden Campus has excellent play and sport facilities, and all children participate in outside activity daily. Grade 6-8 students have the opportunity to play on extracurricular sports teams and compete against other international schools.

Students also regularly participate in performing and creative arts, and all students from Grade 6 learn a new instrument (violin, guitar, brass, woodwind or keyboard). A wide range of After School Activities are offered throughout the school year, and an after school care-club is available for parents who need extended day supervision.

Our cafeteria provides mid-day meals and our "coffee shop" serves as a center for the community to meet each other at arrival and dismissal times. Where our children are, their parents are never far away, and we pride ourselves on being a school that truly embodies the notion of being family oriented. To this end, our playground remains open for an hour after school Mondays – Thursdays, for parents to supervise their children as they play freely.

At FISW you will find a warm, nourishing and challenging educational environment eagerly awaiting your child. In our small school community, every individual stands up to be counted! We look forward to welcoming your family into ours, and learning and growing together.

Andrea Rosinger
Principal – FIS Wiesbaden Campus

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Wiesbaden Campus
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